Nathan Muha ’18 – Today was truly a sight-seer’s paradise. Climbing up from the slowly-getting-familiar Underground station, we walked straight into the middle of Trafalgar Square and the plaza of the National Portrait Gallery. Seeing the huge statues around us, including a bout on top of some lions and a modern horse-skeleton sculpture with the stock market statistics running, it was difficult to take in. Big Ben seemed almost eerily defined against the grey sky just down the road.

Muha '18 giving his class presentation in London.
Muha ’18 giving his class presentation in London.

Taking in some of the sights, we also took the numerous famous locations as places of education with a good few of our presentations. In one of the many gardens we went through, I gave a presentation about English producer George Edwardes at the memorial site of his contemporary Arthur Sullivan. During a walk through the theatre district, we also heard presentations on Charlie Chaplin, Benjamin Britton, Henry Irving, and other topics of interest.

We finished off our walking tour with three of the most recognizable locations in London: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Parliament building. Needless to say, it was breathtaking, and I could not do it any justice through words.

Our theatrical review for the night was War Horse, which many people know from the film adaptation made by Steven Spielberg. One word that would really describe this play was theatrical. The production value was completely out of this world, with life-sized ridable horse puppets, singing, interpretive body work with the sets, and music playing in the background for a good majority of the play. The group agreed that all of those aspects were stellar. Today ended
up being truly remarkable, and a day that I’ll remember for a long time to come.