DAY 1Cody Buresh ’15 – The day began early for all of us this morning. We have had the privilege to ride the Amtrak into Chicago, which was a new experience for most of us. After arriving to the train station the group made its way to the hostel that we will be staying in for the rest of the week. When we reached the hostel we had a brief meeting about our one-day experience prior to this trip.

Our group was getting settled in Chicago and getting mentally prepared for the week ahead. The best way to get to know Chicago and feel more comfortable with the city is to have a dinner with some of our amazing alumni. The friendliness, connections, and just all around love of Wabash when talking with our alumni always blow me away. The community feel of Wabash only seems to grow over time. We dined at Tufano’s, an Italian restaurant with a great environment to talk about our past endeavors and what our future entails. It was amazing how natural all of the conversations were between the current students and alumni present.

The simple factor of Wabash College brings individuals from many different backgrounds and experiences together as big community. All of the current students are excited to have the opportunity to actually teach and observe urban education. This new experience of education with an unfamiliar environment and diversity will most definitely enrich our learning and teaching ability for the future.