Morrison ’14 Lives the Possibilities in One Week

Scott Morrison ’14 – At Wabash we pride ourselves on how dedicated our alumni are. We boast on how they give back to campus, how they often return sharing insights and stories, and how they try to help students along as they venture into the “real world.”

Saying that stuff to prospective students or people who know nothing about Wabash is all well and good, but I recently had a week that shows the alumni connections we have and the Wabash experience you can get here better than anything else. Now, I will preface this by saying that I never expected to have these opportunities in one week’s time, nor are they the norm. But, they are possible.

Senior Scott Morrison

So two weeks ago, Jeremy Bird ’00 came to campus to participate in two full days of talks, meetings, and discussions with students on campus. He had around 12 events in two days. If that is not dedication I do not know what is. On his second day on campus, I had a very special opportunity to have dinner at the Elston Homestead with Jeremy, President Hess, Mrs. Hess, and a few others.

Now that is Wabash. Sitting around a simple dining room table with the College’s president and the National Field Director for President Obama’s second campaign who helped found 270 Strategies, a private company built to organize grassroots campaigns for successful presidential campaigns. Wow.

From talking about the Colbert Report to lacrosse to my future career aspirations, it was a great evening. To see the interest that Jeremy and President Hess took in me and the advice and help they offered were honestly thrilling. That might make me sound like a bit of a nerd, but it is true. It was not my average Wednesday evening.

While that was happening, Ryan Smith ’03, field producer for CBS’s 48 Hours, was arriving in Indianapolis and Bachelor advisor Howard Hewitt and President Hess’ Chief of Staff, Jim Amidon, were plotting how to get me in contact with Ryan. Both of them know that I am hoping to enter a career in journalism and the media, and they saw this as another great opportunity for me. Not to mention, Ryan has been really interested in meeting Wabash guys and helping them in any way he can. So fast forward four days, and I am having dinner on Sunday evening with Ryan in Indianapolis.

Obviously being a producer for a hit show on a national network is a job that keeps Ryan very busy, but he took time on his day off to meet with me and share stories and advice for four hours. I was in awe and couldn’t express how grateful I was that he was taking the time to get to know me.

I think, and I hope, that in meeting Jeremy and Ryan, that I have formed a bond as a Wabash man hoping to have an impact on the world. Of course, I hope these guys may be able to help me as I make my way into the professional world, but if nothing else, I know that I have the privilege of having these guys as Wabash brothers and friends. Both Wabash men insisted that I reach out to them and stay in touch moving forward.

Thank you Jeremy and Ryan, and every Wabash alumnus who makes the effort to give back to current and future students, in whatever form that may be. That is what really makes this College special.

Morrison is a member of Sigma Chi, Sphinx Club, member of the golf team, and is Editor of The Bachelor.