Servies ’16 Prepped Bookstore for Fall Rush

Clayton Servies ’16 and Suzanne Zadai in front of one of the displays they designed together in the Wabash College Bookstore.

Steve Charles—Busy is the norm now on campus as freshman arrive, upperclassmen return, and classes begin. But for three days the rush was most concentrated in one place—the Wabash College Bookstore.

On Freshman Saturday parents were buying Wabash merchandise, and this week the customers have been students hurrying to get their books and supplies. The preparation for all this goes largely unseen, but Clayton Servies ’16 knows the work from the inside out.

“Clayton has been instrumental in preparing the store for the fall season,” Business Auxiliaries Assistant Suzanne Zadai says of the sophomore biology major who worked in the bookstore all summer. Clayton even assisted Zadai with the design and arrangement of displays for the merchandise.

“He’s been a great help there—the displays look very nice—and he also assisted Tradebook Manager Judy Wynne and Textbook Manager Linda Brooks, who works hard to get textbooks for students at prices competitive with those on the Internet,” Zadai says.

Wabash cycling jerseys are among the new items this fall at the Bookstore.

Clayton enjoys the camaraderie of the bookstore and helping to create the displays.  He admits, though, that checking in inventory all those days in preparation for this week “was no fun at all!”

Clayton says the rush for books began Tuesday.

“We were open till 7 that day, so Tuesday and Wednesday were the busiest. Today we’ve had a few more students between classes.”

So the traffic is slowing for now, but, as Zadai points out, “football season is right around the corner and we have a lot of game day apparel!”