Zach Canon ’16 – Wabash College’s prized possession over the last four years, The Monon Bell, sets proudly atop the Allen Center’s main entrance.

Canon ’16

As alumni made their way on campus for Big Bash many stopped to gaze at the Bell they once fought for as students. Tom Verachtert, a former football player and Chemistry major from the Class of 1963, recounted many of his Wabash memories: the traditions, his favorite clubs, most memorable moments, and more. For Verachtert, the sight of the Monon Bell was a bitter-sweet moment.

As we talked about Wabash’s current four-year reign over rival DePauw, he said the tables were once turned. Over his four years at Wabash, Verachtert never rung the Bell in victory – Wabash went 0 for 4 from 1960 to 1963. “At the end of the last Bell Game of my career,” Verachtert said, “I was moved to tears because I never won.”

We continued to talk about Wabash, about the once proud Little Giant debate team, hometowns, my plans after school, and such. We acknowledged the changes to the campus over the years, change in landscape, buildings and building names.

What doesn’t change at Wabash is the branded bitter-sweet memory of victories, defeats, and an undying love for the hallowed halls.

The Long Grove, Illinois native Verachtert offered a little advice as we wrapped up our conversation.  “Enjoy this school. This is a special place.”

Indeed it is, Mr. Verachtert, Indeed it is.

Zach Canon ’16, Brookhaven, MS., is a summer intern in the College Communications and Marketing Office.