Young ’13 Celebrates Students with Senior Seminar

We’re always excited and please to honor student work. Senior Devan Young has untertaken a video series called “Senior Seminar.” He is interviewing Wabash seniors not just about their collegiate experience but about their lives.

Here is the second installment with Jose Herrera.

And here is a Bachelor story from last week’s issue about Young written by sophomore Ben Bradshaw.

The Bachelor – Wabash doesn’t have a Telecommunications Department, but that has not stopped Devan Young ’13 from sharing his interest.

Young is a Theater major from Chino Hills, Calif., a city just outside of Los Angeles.  After coming to Wabash for Honor Scholarship Weekend during the spring of his senior year of high school, Young fell in love with the campus.  “The idea of leaving the West Coast was tough, but it was well worth it,” he said.

Young is a brother of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.  He is also involved in the MXI and APO.  He’s been involved in several plays in the past few years, the last of which was The Miser last spring.  Young enjoys the brotherhood, as well as the academic challenges Wabash presents.

This summer, the senior was given the opportunity to intern with Fox Sports Network in Los Angeles, Calif.  While interning with the entertainment company, Young worked in the Engineering and Operations Division.  “I was given the opportunity to observe what company employees did everyday and performed some computer work,” Young said.

His internship related directly with his plans for the future.  “I loved my time at Fox because I was able to work close to home and the experience was unforgettable and invaluable,” he said.  Currently, he is researching graduate programs in journalism and film to enroll in after he graduates.

Young is furthering his interest in film journalism by beginning a new video series titled “Senior Seminar.”  Young and Media Coordinator Adam Bowen decided that the senior should have his own show.  “I wanted a show that would focus on Wabash seniors with interesting stories,” Young said. “I plan on interviewing a senior from each fraternity and three independent seniors.”

The episodes will be a ten-part series, with an episode airing every week.  Currently, the videos may be viewed on the Wabash YouTube channel, but soon they may have their own link on the Wabash website.  Make sure to watch the episodes to learn more about the stories and talent held by members of the class of 2013 and host Devan Young.