Howard Hewitt – Aug. 9, 2010 – Workers from Field Turf arrived early Monday morning and for the first time since early summer left showing green on Hollett Little Giant Stadium.

The five-yard wide pieces of turf will start going down at a faster pace tomorrow. This morning workers finished marking the field and transporting all of the rolls of turf to the field making them ready for installation.

Mark Sanchez, the foreman in charge of the Wabash College installation, talked about how the process works. 

The sight of green over the gravel was enough to lure several onlookers including Head Football Coach Erik Raeburn, Athletic Director Tom Bambrey and other school officials.

Check Kyle Bender’s two photo albums from today’s progress here and here.

When the project is complete, we’ll have a very cool time-lapse video to show most of the construction – start to finish – which has been headed up by Media Center Director Adam Bowen and his summer intern Adam Phipps.