Howard W. Hewitt – It’s hard to say any Wabash tradition stands out above all others. But it’s also hard to match the fun, camaraderie, and high spirits of Midnight Munch.

What can be more fun than bacon at 11:30 on a Tuesday night?

For a number of years Wabash faculty and staff serve a full breakfast, cooked up by Bon Appetit, to students in the midst of finals week.

See photo album here. See video below of President Patrick White and Alumni Director Tom Runge talking about the fun of Midnight Munch.

Nearly 380 students made their way through the long lines by midnight Tuesday. The laugher, good humor, and fun minimized anyone’s wait for the bacon, eggs, pancakes, and juice.

It’s a way for faculty and staff to show they care about each Wabash man and to help them through a tough final week of classes before summer recess. Frankly, it’s usually very difficult to tell just who is having more fun – the students or the servers!