Howard W. Hewitt – After conquering the Wabash years and preparing for life’s next big step many students find themselves wrestling with decisions about graduate school.

The Wabash Chemistry Club recognizes the difficult time of decision making and annually invites a recent Wabash man back to campus to discuss his path and current research.

Greg Fulmer ’05, a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, was the Club’s guest Thursday for a talk about his grad school decision-making process.

Fulmer, a chemistry major here, titled his talk "Potential of a Post Graduate Career in Chemistry." He used a little humor and statistics to tell the Wabash club members and chemistry majors they have lots of options beyond the medical school track. He ran through jobs available in Academia, Government, and industry.

He admitted that his process of selecting a school was a little unscientific at first. "I made a list of all the places I’d like to live," he laughed. When he found out Washington had an outstanding chemistry program, the decision was easy to move to Seattle. "And besides I’ve been a Seahawk fan all my life."

He gave the students plenty of advice about asking the right questions and finding the right fit.

It’s a great example of how Wabash as a school and its students and clubs do all the little things to enhance a young man’s education.

Fulmer used most of his time to discuss his research work in propylene oxide. That is a chemical compound that is found in foam, cosmetics, and inks.

References to Fulmer’s recent campus fame were made in jest. He was a small part of our Wabash Magazine Online issue on the Great Northwest. He provided a night-time tour of Seattle’s Capital Hill district, a big social area for college-age students. If you haven’t seen it, you can click here.