Thoughts and Musings on Chapel Talk

Kim Johnson – I always love going to Chapel on Thursday mornings. I don’t know why more people don’t go. This morning was particularly entertaining. Professor Cook talked about the time he’s spent in the Chapel as a student, as a father of a Wabash man, and now as a faculty member. Somehow I can see him as a student just really shaking this place up forty-some years ago. I found myself wondering who the “Bill Cook” of this generation is.

Click here to hear a full audio Podcast of Cook’s Chapel Talk.

I haven’t heard a Chapel Talk that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I never regret taking an hour away from my work to go but often regret the times I don’t make it. Some topics may be seemingly innocuous but there is generally a pearl of wisdom tucked in there somewhere. There are weeks I wonder. But then the speaker comes back around I think, “Hmm. That’s not what I expected.”

I’ve discovered that the “feel” of Chapel seems to really reflect the tone of campus. In the fall, Chapel is always full. Of course, that’s because the freshmen pledges are required to be there. But there’s a great energy and a buzz among the students that reminds me why I love this place so much.

Spring semester begins quiet and rather ho-hum. It’s cold outside and students think there are better things to do than come to Chapel. “Old Wabash” is rather dull and the men just don’t seem to be too excited about anything. Walk outside – same thing. More and more editorials in The Bachelor complain about this, that, and each other. But what it all comes down to is the need for a sunny, warm day, and a swift kick in the butt – myself included.

As Spring Break approaches and the temperature warms up a bit (today!!), Chapel starts buzzing a little bit more. Today, “Old Wabash” was upbeat and the fists were raised a tad bit higher. The chorus was a little louder and the faces of the men seemed to be a little more engaged. So it goes with the feel on campus, finally. Welcome back, men. It’s good to see you again!