Howard W. Hewitt – It’s tough keeping pace in the ever-changing world of social networking and internet news sites. The Wabash website has had an “e-mail to a friend” link for years.

Just recently we added something new. If you look at the upper right of any news story you will see that old link is now gone replaced by one that says “share.”

The link will allow you to send that particular story to your particular page on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, and many others. As a matter of fact, you have about 40 choices if you click on the more button that opens when you click this icon.

Bookmark and Sharevar addthis_pub = “wabco”; 

We’re talking about lots of new things and new ways to communicate on campus, with alumni, and in recruiting new students. We’ll add any small step along the way that facilitates better communication.

Hewitt is Wabash College Director of New Media