Evansville, In. – Howard W. Hewitt – Carrying on tradition can be a burden or a great joy in  upholding family traditions. Scott Schroeder ’99 certainly has found it challenging, rewarding, and the life he always wanted.

Scott’s great-grandfather started the business, then his grandfather, John H. Schroeder ’42, started Cresline, Cresline West, Cresline Northwest, as well as Wabash Plastics. He remains chairman of the family businesses. John C. Schroeder ’69, Scott’s father, is president of Wabash Plastics. 

Scott becomes the fourth generation in the family business.

After working for Deloitte and then Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, Scott got his MBA at IU and returned to the family business about six months ago.

Scott is one of 39 young alums we’ll be profiling in 2008. They are recent grads who are making their way in the world as Wabash men. You’ll  read more about it in coming weeks. It will be a joint project between our web team and Wabash Magazine.

So you’ll meet lots of interesting young Wabash grads — including Scott. Look for the first series of profiles to be online in late February!