Calling All Call Outs

The first week of school featured a couple hundred email notes about things lost and things found, things for sale and things to be had for free… if you were quick enough.

Week two of the school year has featured an abundance of “call outs.” Depending on your mood, you could theoretically attend as many as 20 call out meetings for various groups on campus — all in one week.

In the last week you could, if you wanted, attend intro sessions for — and this is a partial list — Acoustic Cafe, Wabash Conservative Union, The Bachelor, The Wabash, College Democrats, the Dork Club, Newman Club, sh’OUT, Cycling Club, Volleyball Club, The Caveman, Outdoorsman/Bass Club, Ultimate Disc Club (didn’t it used to be Frisbee?), Wabash Cooking Club, Spanish Club, German Club, Biology Society, Society of Physics Students, Cigar and Pipe Club, Crew Club, Wabash Christian Men, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Wamidan, and the Freestyle Wrestling Club.

You could also sign up for music lessons and could apply for about two-dozen decent ESH jobs, if you were so inclined.

I’m thinking about having a call out for a Call Out Club. First thing on the agenda for my new club would be to think of other thing to have call outs for.

I almost attended the call out for the Martial Arts Club until I realized that my morning caffeine hadn’t yet kicked in. I got confused and thought it said m-a-r-i-t-a-l arts club, and figured I might get some tips on being a better husband. As it turns out, I’m too old for Kung Fu and, well, probably too old to learn new tricks for being a better husband. So I didn’t attend that call out.

The Modern Languages Department stole some bandwidth and bulletin board space with announcements for its kickoff picnic Thursday night. I don’t speak a lick of German, French, or Spanish, but I could smell the hog roasting from a mile away. So I went and took a few photos. I talked with Jane Hardy for a while, then shot some more pictures. And since it was such a nice evening, I shot still more photos.

Not to be outdone, the Physics Department lured its current and prospective majors and minors with a cookout of its own. As I walked out of my office, I could see grill smoke across the campus. Of course, I figured cookout meant it would be OUTside, but I quickly discovered the action was inside, where there was fire and shattering glass. Think I’m kidding? Click here to see for yourself.

So instead of hitting the instant delete button on your computer the next time you see “Call Out” in the subject line, take a closer look. As soon as the calendar clears up a bit, there will be a call out for the Call Out Club. You won’t want to miss it. And if I can get the Bio Society guys to help out, we might just cook up something really cool! Oh wait, I meant Cooking Club!

Who said there’s nothing to do in Crawfordsville?