The Wabash Community rallied for Saturday’s Monon Bell game and gathered for the first ‘community picture’ in 21 years Thursday. 

The annual Monon Bell Chapel talk featured rousing comments and thoughts of appreciation for community support from Chris Griesl, Adi Pynenberg, Patrick Millikan, and Will Certain.

Head coach Chris Creighton almost seemed to shake the storied Chapel walls as his fevered remarks echoed to the near capacity group of students, faculty, and staff.

 He asked each student, faculty, and staff member to reflect on why they came to Wabash. “At some point, for every person here, deep down inside you wanted to be great,” Creighton reasoned. “You knew this was a school that would beat you up in a lot of ways but would also lift you up to your potential.”

He said some 800 students from all around the country must have had the same thought: “I want to be a difference maker. I want to be great.”

The Little Giant coach admitted he didn’t know all in the room but respected each and everyone present. “I want to be like you,” he said.

He then directed his comments to freshmen. “The bar has been raised higher than it’s ever been raised before. Your job is to hang on for dear life until winter break.” 

But he had words of advice for the upper classmen as well. “Are you still pursuing greatness or have you figured out how to write all those papers? Have you settled for good or are you continuing to raise the bar?” 

He asked all students and members of community to come out for the Bell game. He suggested the football team was no different than any other students – all striving to be great and perform their best.

Following the raucous Chapel session the entire Wabash Community gathered in the football stadium for a community photo. It’s believed to be the first time such a photo was taken since 1985. Click here for a copy of the community photo and pictures from the Chapel Talk.