Steve Charles—Just watched Dr. Steve Judah ’72 being interviewed by Barbara Walters and company on ABC’s "The View."

Wow! I wonder if there’s any speech class at Wabash (or in the world) that could prepare you for the rapid-fire questioning that came at Steve from around that table. As one of my colleagues noted, a marriage counselor appearing on "The View" is a lot like a liberal politician showing up on "The O’Reilly Factor."

But Steve was up for the challenge.

The subject was marital infidelity—more specifically: How can a couple stay together when one of them has had an affair? That’s the focus of Steve’s new book, Staying Together—When an Affair Has Pulled You Apart. Steve has had remarkable success in helping couples work through these situations, "using the crisis at†hand to teach something good."

Walters and her co-hosts on "The View" seemed intrigued but skeptical. Steve prefers to have the unfaithful spouse reveal the affair to his or her spouse during a session in Steve’s office. Co-host Joy Behar quipped that such a strategy was like setting up a homicide.

"I’d rather have a controlled nuclear reaction in my office than a nuclear explosion at home," Steve said. Snap. He outlined three reasons affairs occur, managing to get some helpful steps in between his co-hosts’ interruptions. He said it was important to "get the message" of the affair; what it means, what were its causes, and how a marriage relationship can be enhanced.

And he won over the crowd when he said that he usually suggests that the person having the affair let go of that third person and work on the marriage he or she has.

The audience applauded. And Steve’s message of hope came through loud and clear.

From the email I received from Steve a few minutes ago, he seems to have enjoyed the interview. "A fun and fulfilling experience," he called it.

Not my idea of fun, but, for the sake of those who were watching the show and are facing marital crises, I’m glad it’s Steve’s.

I’m looking forward to hearing more on Tuesday when I travel to Columbus to interview Steve for the next issue of Wabash Magazine.