Brent Harris, June 28 — Ah summer! A time to relax, spend short days in the office and longer days on the golf course. That’s what many people think the summer is like around the Wabash athletics offices during the months of May, June, and July before things get hectic once again in August for the fall sports.

But there has been a flurry of activity the past few weeks, and it will continue into the early weeks of July. Summer sports camps have kept the Allen Athletics and Recreation center packed with high school students and their parents since early June.

If you walked into the Bowerman Lobby two weeks ago you would have worked your way through a group of swimming campers getting their dorm keys and saying goodbye to their parents. Just past the swimmers, participants in the sold-out Bishop-Dullaghan Football Skills Camp were picking up their camp equipment before heading off to their rooms. Earlier in the week I had a chance to catch up with former Little Giant football player Vaino Grayam ’55 while his grandson registered for the Wabash wrestling camp.

The summer camp season will conclude with a wrestling team camp that begins Monday July 10. In addition to a staff consisting of Wabash head coach Brian Anderson, Fresno State assistant Kevin Lake, Dakota Wesleyan head coach Josh Hardman, 2004 Olympic silver medalist and three-time NCAA national champion Stephen Abas will work with high school teams on their wrestling skills. Teams can still sign up for the camp by contacting Coach Anderson.

As the final seven weeks of summer come to a close, it won’t be long before football, soccer, and cross country athletes begin their return to campus to get ready for the 2006-07 season. That still leaves some time to find that fairway on the golf course.