Steve Charles—Was out walking around campus yesterday trying out our new 85mm lens when I noticed two boys playing football on the lawn in front of the Wabash Chapel.

Turned out to be Justin and Joel Raters, sons of Associate Dean of Students Mike Raters ’85. The brothers were playing their own football game, complete with tackling and first downs, each brother his own team.

My older brother and I used to play the same way. But that in our version, we were allowed to pass to ourselves! ("Charles is passing the ball…he’s going long…he leaps into the air and… he’s got it! Touchdown! And the†crowd is going wild!")

Four years older than me, my brother actually slaughtered me every game, tossing passes to himself just out of my reach.

Why I remember such moments so warmly, I’m not sure. But watching Justin and Joel play, Justin evading his little brother, made me smile. That sense of exhilaration when school let out, the frenzied freedom of summer days, the feeling of wet grass on your legs, the scent of the soil as your face smacked the ground after you successfully tackled your big brother just short of the imaginary goal line. Could there be any better use for a summer lawn?

Justin and Joel were kind enough to let me photograph their game—fine sons of a guy who is doing a remarkable job as associate dean.

I’ve attached a photo album, too. All you little brothers out there, click here. See if it doesn’t take you back.