Senior quarterback Russ Harbaugh has certainly represented Wabash well in Mexico as a member of the US team at the 2005 Aztec Bowl.

Harbaugh finished two-a-day practices Wednesday and was interviewed on the Aztec Bowl Preview Show last night. He took some time out Friday afternoon to share some of his experiences in Mexico with his teammates:

"The week here has been fantastic. We visited some Aztec ruins yesterday and had our final walk through this morning in the stadium we’ll be playing in on saturday. It’s sick. It’s a 30,000 seat stadium and painted in all these crazy colors and stuck right in between some mountains. They don’t think it will sell out but they expect 12 or 15,000. Should be a lot of fun. Wabash is getting a lot of love. I’ve played really well and today was named captain. It was pretty cool. The guys here are great and awesome athletes (some of our guys could totally hold their own though…). It’s been awesome representing Wabash. I hope you guys get a chance to listen on saturday. I’m getting the start…"

Russ told the media in attendance at Friday’s final practice, "This is a great group of guys and it’s been a great week. To know that they picked us to be captains is pretty flattering. When we were in the stadium today and you saw everybody with their USA jerseys on, you realize what a big deal this is. It’s neat to represent our country and Division III football. Being selected to a leadership role on this team is an honor."

You can listen to the game by going to Coverage starts at 1 p.m. (EST).