Howard Hewitt – Greg Mahoney ’06 sees responsibility as a triangle. The triangle’s three sides are self, friends and family. 

Mahoney weaved his love of racing into his Thursday Chapel Talk about responsibility. The Granger, Ind., native, and religion major and Student Senate president, told a good-sized chapel turnout that responsibility is all about decisions.

“It’s about doing what you like when you like,” he said. “We can choose to do nothing at Wabash and just study. Or, like me and my buddies, we can work real hard so we can play hard.”

Responsibility for one’s self is much like a race car, Mahoney offered. “In order to go fast you have to start slow. If you don’t know what you’re going to do in life slow down and look at yourself. What are your strengths, interests?”

Responsibility to friends is dropping whatever you’re doing to help a buddy out. Mahoney described responsibility to family as the most important because family will give up even more than friends to support you.

Mahoney’s mixture of humor and advice seemed to be a big hit with Wabash men.