Steve Charles — JP Morgan Chase investment banker Bill Kennedy ’83 had the rapt attention of students at his table when host Lu Hamilton ’76 interrupted the conversation to make some necessary announcements at Monday night’s alumni-student gathering.

I don’t know what Bill had been discussing, but as soon as Lu finished his announcements, Kennedy turned back to the students and said, "Okay, I’d like to finish what we were talking about." The students leaned forward to listen, and one added an affirming, "Yeah." Looking around the room, I saw similar scenes at the five other tables.

It was the sort of engagement our students crave as they strive to discern their calling—connections with those who know how to leverage the advantages of a Wabash liberal arts education in the working world and have found a vocation that brings purpose to their lives. That’s what these Industry Focus Nights provide. Monday night it was healthcare, law, and investment. There’ll be other nights for other vocational paths. I told Lu that I wished we could provide an evening like this for every calling our students are interested in.

Later that evening I was transcribing my interview with our new Career Services Director, Scott Crawford: "People who find their calling are lucky, but they create their own luck," Scott said. "They position themselves to be in the right place for when that right time occurs. The key for our students is to be active, to get a variety of experiences, and, as their partners in this search, we want to provide as many of those experiences as possible.

"At a school like this, and with the alumni support we have, so much learning is possible," Scott said. "But you have to pay attention and be ready to†go to that right place at the right time."

For 30-plus students with that initiative, the right time was last night, and the right place was Detchon Hall.

Thanks to Lu Hamilton, Terry Hamilton ’89, Diane Iseminger, Dave Herzog ’77, Matt Price ’90, Joel Tragesser ’94, Jason Cantrell ’93, Lee Hargitt ’88, and Bill Kennedy ’83 for making it happen.