Jim Amidon — As the home game photographer for Wabash’s athletic teams, I like to shoot more than just game action. Some of the best shots I get come after a game, when the Little Giants are taking off their uniforms and preparing for their coach’s post-game comments.

So, after games, I tend to stick close to the players. After Saturday’s 50-2 win over Earlham, most members of the Wabash football team were in great spirits —†high fives and hugs were exchanged by all. Coach Creighton gathered the team together and one of the very first things he said was, "We can get better."

Coach Creighton is successful — and makes his men successful in sports and in later life — because, like faculty, he always challenges his student-athletes to improve. And he knows that being overly congratulatory after a 50-2 win would go straight to the heads of his players. Instead, he focused on the penalties the team made and a few things on which the team needs to improve this week at practice.

Having spent a good bit of time in the classroom this month, I know faculty have precisely the same approach: "We can always get better."