Jim Amidon — Many colleges and universities have Homecoming parades complete with bands and floats. I gather that many years ago that was the case here at Wabash. Today, though, the freshman floats don’t float. In fact, we call them "decorations." But simply because they don’t roll down the street behind a John Deere doesn’t mean our kids don’t work just as hard as anyone else. Just take a look at the tired eyes of the freshmen from eight fraternities and and the independents who built Homecoming decorations — I’m sure some pulled the first of what will become many Wabash all-nighters.

Kudos to Rick Warner, Patrick Myers, and Sherry Ross, who rolled out of bed early on a damp Saturday morning to walk the entire length of campus to serve the Sphinx Club as judges for this year’s competition.

The Delts put on a boxing match for their "KO the Quakers" theme; the independents, who built decorations over 20 feet tall at Crawford Hall, attempted to bribe the judges with juice and fruit; and the Phi Psi’s decorations stretched 60-70 feet across the lawn. Interestingly, the Fiji decorations feature a burning pot, complete with dry, old wood around the base —guess that will make it easier to set fire to it (anybody else remember the huge blaze there a few years ago?).

But the moment of the morning came after I had taken pictures on the west end of campus and was headed south to Lambda Chi. There I saw the Delt queen having his, er, her nails painted. I was so confused.