Prof. Greg Dallinger – A Life Lesson

Prof. Greg Dallinger

Prof. Greg Dallinger

Caught this shot at halftime of the Wabash-Wooster basketball game this past weekend.  It was an exciting game…Wabash held on to win in the final seconds.

Greg sat in the Wooster section…in the seat as close as possible to the Wabash section.

I hope everyone of our students notched Greg…especially his wardrobe choice.

Greg is a Wooster grad who teaches at Wabash.  He loves Wabash as much as any other faculty member I know.  His Dad, Rich, is a legend here.

Greg graduated from Wooster.  He also loves Wooster…and he should!

He sat there, intently through the entire game, taking it all in.

The message is simple.  Your Alma Mater is yours…forever.  Wherever life takes you, there is a big piece of your Alma Mater in your heart.  Wooster helped make Greg the teacher he is today.  Wooster is family…and you don’t leave a family.

Greg has a new family in Wabash…and he proudly displayed, in an understated way, how much both “good places” mean to him.