Dr. Jim Davis ’83 – World Changer

Dr. Jim Davis and another child he loved…and saved

I didn’t know Dr. Jim Davis personally…but I certainly feel like I do.  Two pieces of info crossed my desk this week – a letter from his sister, Jill Marie, and this photo.  They told me all I needed to know.

Jim was a kid’s heart doc…there’s a 23 character word for it but it means he took care of kids with serious heart problems.  He was a family guy, a devout Christian, and a guy who saved kids’ lives.

He credited much of who he was and what he did to Wabash – this good place.

Look at the photo.  Jim is beaming.  This wasn’t work this was his calling.  Look at the little guy…ready to jump down, run around, and get dirty.  All because a doctor changed his entire world.

When Jim found out he was sick and his time was limited, he did exactly what world changers do – he shared his drive, compassion, and skill with those around him.  Out in Iowa and other places, Jim lives on in the surgeon’s hands and hearts of others.

I didn’t know Jim, as I said, but I know another Jim…so I know the impact he had and continues to have.  In early 1976, our middle son with a very sick heart was saved by a doc…just like Jim.  That 10 month old is now 38 years old.

Jim Davis – rest in piece, friend.  Thanks for making our world better.