Grunge to GaBunge to Real Grunge

Took these off the flight suit that hangs in my closet this AM

Starting today, Grunge is making the trip to GaBunge – grandchildren just waiting to be spoiled.  Interesting twist though comes a little later in the week – back to real Grunge – back to talking with my hands, telling tall tales of flying too fast and too low, hanging out with the guys….and the ladies.

The 492 Tactical Fighter Squadron, the Bolars, will gather in Denver, CO for a couple of days.

I’ll be back and promise to step up the blog.  Meanwhile, there are some stories about Donna Nook range, Salty Nations, the “Glen” brothers, the “Beak” book, and Incirlik, Turkey that just need to be told…for the umpteenth time…

“Check six…keep your speed up…and remember that jet noise is the sound of freedom.”

Wallies In England

Wallies in England

This guest post comes from Kyle Bender ’12, who recently spent two weeks in England:

“The entire trip ended up having Wabash connections — some planned and others very random.

I had dinner with David Davis ’82 in the London financial district. When I knew I would be in London, I found his contact information via the Alumni Directory and a fantastic four hour conversation came out of it.

I spent six days with my classmate Mark Osnowitz and his wife, who now live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland.

When I was in London, I saw that two of our Rudolph Fund students were studying in the area so we all agreed to meet up for dinner.  As David Myles ’14 and I were waiting on Nate Chapman ’14’s train to arrive, we toured the National Gallery near Trafalgar Square. We saw a lot of art from the Tuscany region of Italy and I kept telling David that it reminded me of my trip to Florence with Dr. Hoerl and how Dr. Cook is an expert in the field. Just as we were preparing to leave the museum, I turned the corner and ran right into Dr. Cook himself. He hadn’t been in London in 11 years and although we were in a city of 11 million, we somehow ran into each other. Luckily, he was able to join our dinner group and we had an excellent visit, halfway around the world from Wabash.”

Thanks for the update Kyle!  Another Wabash all over the world story.