Joe Emmick ’92 – Difference Maker

Joe Emmick '92

I almost didn’t use this photo of Joe, taken at the Chicago Holiday luncheon.  He’s doing his dog-gone best to keep that strong business look on his face as President White thanks Joe for his work at Wabash.  Those folks at Elmhurst might see that look a time or two – who knows?

Tough business guy or football announcer…Joe has been a clear difference maker here.  He stepped in to finish the Campaign for Leadership at a point where the only apples left on the tree were in the top branches.

He handled the transition to a new president and new challenges with style and grace…and guts.  He crafted a plan to help diminish the impact of the economic crisis that hit in 2008…and it’s producing.

Wabash Advancement today is different…better…because of Joe’s non-stop efforts.

Joe Emmick – Some Little Giant!



GaBunge to Grunge – Present and accounted for!

So, I apologize for a text only update.  BORING!  I am back and pumped about the semester ahead.  Basketball team rolling – good Annual Giving numbers, a talented team working together, the whole 9 yards.

I need a little flexibility.  Can’t promise daily updates….the days, for some strange reason, seem to be flying by.  You nine guys need to stick with me…please!

See you tomorrow!