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Board of Advisors Chairman: Brad Johnson

Chapter Advisor: Jon Pactor

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Board of Advisors

of TKE Alpha Alpha Chapter

Wabash College

Aaron Cook ’06 graduated cum laude from Wabash and magna cum laude from Indiana University School of Law in 2009.  He practices law in Indianapolis.  He served two stints as president of the fraternity as well as vice president, treasurer, pledge educator, and rush chairman.  He was a finalist in the Wabash College Moot Court competition. He was a member of the Sphinx Club. He can be reached at 812-797-2296 or

Dennis Finch ’03 was president and rush chair of the fraternity.  He is a financial operations analyst with Anthem in Indianapolis.  He can be reached at 765-720-7540 (cell) or

Dirk Garriott ’11 served as activities and rush chairman for the chapter. He also served two terms as Pledge Educator. On campus, he was a member of Eta Sigma Phi and Students for Sustainability, a green movement group.  He is currently the Safety Coordinator of Drainage Plus and the Vice President of the vending truck company One Bad Chef Inc. He is now active in his local Masonic Lodge and the Scottish Rite for the Valley of Indianapolis. He can be contacted at 765-585-4240 email:

Brad Johnson ’71 served as rush chairman and pledge educator for Alpha Alpha.  He graduated cum laude.  He served five years as the Executive Assistant to the Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  He has had a private practice of law since 1977 with an emphasis on business law and litigation.  He has served on the board of directors of the Indianapolis Association Of Wabash Men and was its president for 2005.  He is a board member of the National Association of Wabash Men. He has also served as the chairman of the chapter’s Board of Alumni Advisors since 1999.  He can be reached at 317-842-5235 ex12 (work), 317-946-4708 (cell), or

Gene King ‘78 was rush chairman for two consecutive terms for classes in excess of 25 pledges.  He was also pledge educator for one of them.  He ran track and sang with the Glee Club. He has been president of the Alumni Association of Alpha Alpha since 1999.  He works in the vacation business.  He is the president of the Indiana Conference Lay Male Chorus.  In 1987 he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Marion County Superior Court for his services for the children of Indianapolis.  He can be reached at 317-654-0596 or

Jon Pactor ’71 was vice president and pledge educator for Alpha Alpha.  He graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He practices law in Indianapolis.  He has served as alumni chapter advisor for Alpha Alpha since 1999. He was a board member of the National Association of Wabash Men and was national chairmen of its Wabash Day Committee, 2005-2010. He is a board member of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men and was its president from 1996-2000 and in 2011. He started Wabash Fraternity Advisors, a collaborative group of the alumni advisors of Wabash fraternities. He is the class agent for the Wabash Class of 1971. He can be reached at 317-636-0686 (work) or 317-695-2555 (cell) or at

Joe Samreta ’95 served as histor and intramurals manager.  While on campus he was captain of the swimming and diving team and a member of the Sphinx Club.  He is active in a number of civic and fraternal organizations.  He practices law with the Carmel, Indiana law firm of Jennings Wheeler & Haley, P.C. He can be reached at (317) 896-3727 or 317-575-7979 (work) or

Ken Schild ’66 served as president, treasurer, and secretary of the chapter.  He graduated summa cum laude from Wabash and was Phi Beta Kappa .  He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.  For more than 24 years, he worked for Irell & Manella, a prominent Los Angeles law firm. Since 1993 until his retirement in 2012, he ran the legal department of Aurora National Life Assurance Company and was its Senior Vice President and General Counsel.  For many years he organized Los Angeles area alumni gatherings, including fund raising activities there for Wabash. Ken resides in Encino, California.  He can be reached at (818) 501-3087 (home), 818-621-7970 (cell), or

Joe Stoutner ’01 served as vice president of the fraternity for two years, and he is the treasurer for the Alpha Alpha Alumni Association.  He is active in several fraternal groups in the Indianapolis area, including the Murat Shrine and the Scottish Rite.  He is an independent financial planner and registered representative with Ameriprise Financial. He is certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.  He can be reached at 317-850-5039 (cell) or

Bob Wright ’87 is an attorney practicing law in the Indianapolis firm of Dean-Webster, Wright & Kite.  He serves on the board of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men.  Bob can be contacted at 317-624-1306 (work), 317-259-9402 (home) or

Mark Riffle ’14 is a recent graduate and is currently studying law at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

Evan McFarland ’14 is also a recent alumnus and is studying law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.


A Chronicle of the Trades and Great Deeds Done by Tekes Past

The alumni of Alpha Alpha have distinguished themselves in a variety of fields:

Our first member Richard E. Banta ’26 had a varied career as an author, teacher, and administrator. When President Frank Hugh Sparks took a leave to work for the federal government during World War II, Banta became one of the men trusted to run the college. His name is one of a few famous people etched into the side of the Crawfordsville Public Library.

If any alumnus is not categorized correctly below or if he is omitted and wants to be included, he should contact Histor, Buddy Lobermann ’17 at or call at 323-382-9778.

This list was last updated on February 9, 2014.

Business & Banking

Allan Acton ’72, Craig Campbell ’72, Jan Chenoweth ’72, Chuck Crowley ’70, Barry Delk ’87, Jonathan Dilley ’03, Mike Dybel ’68, Jack Hauber ’66, D. J. Finch ’03, Jim Hand’ 74, Bill Gehl ’73, Alex Goga ’08, Jeff Gravenstreter ’04, Mike Gullifor ’80, Bob Hyatt ’68, Howard Irish ’71, Dave Jackson ’87, David Johnson ’63, Sam Kazdan ’71, Joe Kelley ’83, John Kerzey ’77, Gene King ’78, Dennis Lindauer ’81, Bill Macon ’81, David Marshall ‘83, Hugh Martin ’67, Dave McElhiney ’95, Dennis Myers ’71, Dan Murad ‘79; Nick Leal ’80, Charles Merz ’84, Mike Ricks ’87, John Schlechte ’68, Rob Sherwin ’75, Joe Sommerville ’84, Brian Smith ’68, Frank Starkey ’66, Joe Stoutner ’01, Bruce Terrey ’78, Kurt Unterschuetz ’71, Claude Wise ’68, Dennis Wilson ’91, and Ken Wood ’66,

Nathaniel Carroll ’06.

Ted Grogg ’75 is Lead Analyst at American General Financial Services in Evansville, IN.


Bill Barnett ’64, Josh Patty ’99, and John Sowers ’99.


Jim Ackil ’66 (Western Illinois), Bill Barnett ’64 (Wabash, LeMoyne), Dan Campbell ’30 (Cal Tech), John Dooley ’63 (Millersberg State), Frank Elston (Concordia), Rick Ice (St. John’s, MN), Bruce Ikawa ‘74 (Hillsdale), David Jackson ’87, Fred Kraft ’64 (Grand Rapids), Fred Neuhouser (Cornell), Tom McShane ’72 (War College), David Ong ‘65 (Vanderbilt), George Patton ‘84 (Indiana University Law School); Chris Petruzzi ’72 (California State Fullerton), Bill Ray ’66 (Reed College), Frank Sellke ’77 (Brown Medical School), Tom Sellke ‘76 (Purdue), Chris Snodgrass ’69 (Florida), Joe Sommerville ’75 (Singapore), Frank Starkey ‘66 (Illinois Wesleyan), and Matthew Wyneken ’78 (Michigan)

Mike Raters ’85 is the Dean of Students, Wabash College

Ralph Rohrer ‘74, is Chief of Research and Development at Purdue

At the high school level, Richard Cauthen ’66, Steve Crowley ’72, Dave Dalquest ’78, Greg Hines ’78, Terry Jackson ’71, Mike Macke ’83, Charlie Martin ’90, Alan Salter ’75, Jacob Pactor ’04, and Peter Pactor ’65.

Both at the college and high school level, Steve O’Neal ’69.

Teaching abroad: Steve Crowley ’72 (Germany) and Seth Ditchcreek ’04 (Japan and China)


Dave Boyer ‘79


Larry Blount ’65 (state department), Mike Colvin ’69, Michael P Gilvary ’85 (IRS),

Steve Fox ’69 (state department), Bob Kachur ’96 (CIA), Dick Moak ’69 (Los Angeles), Steve Nelson ‘74 (IRS), and Nore Sundin ’71 (IRS).


Mike Bartholomew ’71, Brian Breedlove 91, Jon Matsey ‘97, Emmett McAuliffe ’80, Andrew McGlothlin ’05, John Pea ’80, Dean Reynolds ’70, and Jim Rusnak ‘95.

Landscape and Nature Services

Scott Brewer’80 and Charlie Rudesill ‘72


Judges: Wayne Araki ’70 (social security judge), Tom Boyer (state court magistrate, Ft. Wayne), Steve Heimann ’77 (Bartholomew Circuit Court, Columbus, Indiana); Jack Tandy (Shelby Circuit Court, Shelbyville, IN), Earl McGimspey ‘63, (Huron County, Ohio), and Dave Neal ’81 (Chief Immigration Judge, Department of Justice).

Attorneys: George Angelone ’73, John Barr ’84, Jeff Been ’81, Ed Buell ’01, Jonathan Bryant ’00, Craig Campbell ’72, Mike Cheerva ’82, Glen Deig ’85, Chris DiPlacido ’97, Garry Eckard ’82, Kevin S Enyeart ’91, Ted Ferguson ’77, John Grannan ‘97, Mark Guenin ’75, Trevor Grove ’97, Harry Hanson ’68, Chris Harvey ’83, George Heintz ’69, Brad Johnson ’71, Dennis Kennedy ’80, Steve Koslovsky ’79, Doug Lehman ’73, Emmett McAuliffe, Victor Melchiorre ’77, Steve Nelson ’74, George Patton ’84, Jon Pactor ’71, John Powell ’79, Rich Rennick ’75, Joe Samreta ’95, Ken Schild ’66, Nore Sundin ‘71, Doug Wagner ’79, Dave Ware ’66, Fred Whitmer ’69, Ken Williams ’80, Paul Woolls’ 75, Dave Worrell ’73, Bob Wright ’87, Tim Zahorsky ’85, and Dan Zlatic ’93.

Library & Information Services

Scott McFadden ’89 and Tom Pulver ’72.


Gary Ayres ‘79, Jeff Barteau ’81, Jerry Blossom ’66; Bob Cooper ’73, Norman Daikoku ’65, John Fargher ’66, Dave Fish ‘00, Keith Isenberg ‘74, Jim Jantzen ’79, Sam Krutz ’79, Fred Lane ’79, Jesse Liscomb ’63, Mark Lazar ’81, Jon Mader ’66, John Miller,’76, Jerry Noll ’81, Michael Quach ’97, Richard Pope ’72, Alex Radnovich ’99, Gary Sekema ’77, Frank Sellke 78, and Tim Whiteman ‘73, Sang Kwan ’95.


Major Eddie Adler’68, Colonel Howard Busch ’67 (USAF), Steve McCann ’92, Col. Tom McShane ’72 (Army), Edward J Menso ’77 (Naval Warfare), Sgt. Christopher Holston (Army) James Weber ’04 (Army), and Alex Thompson ’08 (Marine Corps).


Al Salter ‘75


Reed Birney ’72 and Tim Colie ‘68

Science, Medical Research, and Chemical Research

Roger Alig ’63, Bill Catus ‘77, Jess Cooley ’65, Ed Menso ‘77, Mike Prunier ’74, David Ong ’65, and Phil Radtke ’70.

Social Services

Toby Kacher ’66, Kevin Swaim ’83, and Al Yeager ’73


Dave Shapiro ‘77

Alumni Affairs

Tekes have been active in Wabash alumni affairs. Jon Pactor ‘71 served four terms as president of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) and currently serves on that board and on the board of the National Association of Wabash Men. Brad Johnson ’71, Mark Lazar ’81, Bob Wright ’87, and Jon Pactor also serve on the IAWM. Brad is a past IAWM president.

Andrew McGlothlen ’05, Jacob Pactor ’04, Jon Pactor ’71, and Peter Pactor ’65 are class agents.

Sam Kazdan ’71 has been an adviser to Wabash publications.

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