Huber ’21 Finds Passion Working With Legal Aid Society

Clayton Huber ’21

Clayton Huber ’21 — Many undergraduates do not have the privilege to intern with a law firm that has an effect like the Legal Aid Society (LAS) in Louisville, Kentucky. LAS in Louisville serves 15 different counties and represents clients in 4,000+ cases a year. Their clients are low-income, poverty-stricken, and homeless discouraged members of society who are deprived of equal justice in the legal world. LAS attorneys vigorously work to attain their clients’ needs, whether it be a divorce, simple will, life planning documents, bankruptcy or veteran affairs (my new specialty).

During this internship, I worked closely with Equal Justice Fellow, Dr. Roy W. Berwick, my new Mentor and a VA Accredited Attorney for the Legal Aid Society. I was able to work with Dr. Berwick and gain much experience under CFR§ 14.629 (c) (3). This article states that a Legal Intern may work under a VA Accredited Attorney if they are present at all times; this allowed me to see how a VA Attorney practices law.

I gained a vast amount of knowledge while working under him and seeing how Discharge Upgrades and VA Notice of Disagreements are filed with the VA and the Review Boards of Military Corrections.

While working with Dr. Berwick, I was a part of twelve different cases. The tasks I was assigned to do were varied:

  • Drafting Legal Aid Letters
  • Filling out DD Forms (Military Forms)
  • Writing and Proofreading Affidavit Statements
  • Drafting Memorandums of Law
  • Interviewing Veterans and Understanding Their Backgrounds

I was hoping to find a field of law that I might enjoy when I graduate from Wabash College and attend law school later, and Dr. Berwick helped me find that passion at LAS this summer. Dr. Berwick has also guided me to become a VA Accredited Claims Representative. This accreditation will allow me to represent veterans before the VA and file cases by myself, even though I am not associated with a bar yet.

In addition to working in the Veterans Unit, I was also a part of the Development Unit, where I assisted with marketing and grant writing. Specifically, I worked with fundraising programs, designed and drafted new articles and newsletters about LAS. This experience has allowed me to further my knowledge in the fundraising realm, and hopefully, I can apply my knowledge to the next Day of Giving for Wabash.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that the CIBE Innovation Internship and LAS offered me this summer. Without this experience, I would not have been able to practice and learn under an EJW Fellow nor understand how fundraising programs and grant writing operate. I have found a passion through LAS and the CIBE Program that I will be practicing in the near future.

Albrecht ’21 Mayor Todd Barton’s Right-Hand Man

Jackson Albrecht ’21

Jackson Albrecht ’21 — I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Wabash has provided me through this internship. Working for Mayor Todd Barton and for the Crawfordsville Fire Department’s Community Paramedicine Program has allowed me to explore and participate in a variety of different fields. In the Mayor’s Office, most of our time is exhausted in meetings. If you were to follow the mayor around on a typical workday, you could expect to take part in 5-10 meetings, which he considers to be a “light day.” They often concern economic development, project planning, and resolving various issues regarding local government. He meets with other officials and multiple committees throughout the day while filling in each spare window of time with individuals discussing their personal concerns.

When I’m not in meetings, I have spent time writing proclamations, press releases, and taking photos for the city’s website and social media platforms. When working with the Community Paramedicine Program, most of my time has gone toward creating marketing materials. I have made inserts, fliers, and brochures for the various initiatives of the program, including fall prevention, behavioral health, Project Swaddle (for at-risk, pregnant mothers), substance use disorder, etc. Some of these initiatives have been designed to take to health conferences to spread the word about our unique system of care, some to help with referral processes, and even some for those who have overdosed on opioids, given to them to help understand their situation. I have also created new business cards for the fire department and its chiefs.

On the non-marketing side, I have written a grant proposal; successful award nominations for paramedics and medical directors; and communications between the CPM, its partners, and to the Universities of Michigan and Harvard concerning a collaborative effort in studying substance abuse. I have also continued work on a project that I began through CIBE during the school year, cross-referencing data to better understand the correlation between subsidized housing and the frequency of calls to the fire department.

Each day in the city building provides me with an opportunity to learn something new about several different subjects. Whether it’s about local government, economics, healthcare, or simply just day-to-day wisdom passed down by those I am surrounded by in the office, I am fortunate to be presented with new learning opportunities each day. That being said, I would like to thank the CIBE Innovation Internship for the opportunity.

Cuevas ’21 Pursues Political Aspirations

Daniel Cuevas ’21

Daniel Cuevas ’21 — This summer, I have had the splendid opportunity to intern with the Indiana Democratic Party in downtown Indianapolis. For the first two weeks of the internship, I completed several small projects for all of the departments within the Party, including Communications, Finance, Compliance, Data, and Municipal. Some of the assignments I completed in those first two weeks were conducting research on the status of paid family leave within Indiana and the United States, creating social media graphics for the Party to use and checking in on the status of Democratic municipal campaigns across the state. Right from the start, I explored the various career paths that can be found within the larger field of politics.

After completing these projects, I chose to spend the rest of my internship working within the Data Department. The head of the department immediately had me work on some projects that would not only keep the Party’s large database organized and healthy but also teach me the importance of data hygiene. I assisted in updating and maintaining the Party’s database on VoteBuilder for voter and committee information. I am also starting to learn Sequel, a popular and useful programming language. Once I become proficient in Sequel, I will use the programming language to perform other functions related to voter information, including retrieving, sorting, and filtering data.

Although I serve as the Data Intern, I have still had the opportunity to perform work for other departments. I have completed assignments within our office like producing fact sheets for every mayoral race across Indiana, but I have had several experiences out of the office as well. I have assisted in organizing fundraiser dinners and lunches. I even had the chance to walk in the Indianapolis Pride Parade, which was a wonderful display of pride and resilience from the LGBTQ+ community.

I was curious to see what opportunities and experiences the internship would offer me this summer, and so far, I have been absolutely blown away. Indiana politics initially seemed like a large and daunting behemoth that I would struggle to grasp fully, but as I’ve interacted with the various departments within the Indiana Democratic Party, I have begun to see the bigger picture more clearly and understand the political system as a whole. However, I would not have had the opportunity to participate in this outstanding internship if it were not for the generous donors funding the Coons & Castle Public Service Award. If it were not for their financial support, I would not have been able to afford the rent, utilities, groceries, gas, and other expenses to be able to live in Indianapolis this summer and participate in this internship. I offer my most sincere gratitude to the donors for allowing me to take my learning outside of the classroom and explore the various career paths available after Wabash!