世博会: The Expo

Last Friday I attended the World Expo in Shanghai for the first time. I was very excited to see the event that is being discussed by so many people around the world right now.  I had a chance to visit the Expo thanks to my study abroad organization: IES Abroad purchased tickets for all the students participating in its Shanghai program.

We left early in the morning and returned after 11pm. I was able to see the pavilions of seven countries: China, USA, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Israel, and Singapore. Each country prepared something different to leave the visitors with an unforgettable impression.  From the places that I saw, the German and Chinese pavilions were definitely the best ones. They were very informative and offered a lot of interactive exhibitions/events. When I visited the American pavilion, I really liked the fact that the message of both the President and the Secretary of State was featured in the presentation showed to the guests.

As I expected, the World Expo in Shanghai was really crowded. In order to see the most popular pavilions, one has to line up for about two hours. The average of about 250,000 visitors per day makes it very difficult to see a lot in just one day. Therefore, I will have to go back to the Expo soon, especially to see the pavilions of countries that I haven’t yet had a chance to travel to, but would like to visit in the near future.