你们看一下: More about Hong Kong

As I wrote in the last note, the Hong Kong trip was a lot of fun. However, it was also a great learning experience and an important academic component of my education at Fudan University. Monday through Thursday of last week, our group attended very interesting lectures given by HKU faculty and guest speakers. After the lectures we would go on fieldtrips related to the Hong Kong themes of the lectures (introduction to the city, educational system, business, and sustainable urban development.) We visited a number of museums, a Hong Kong school, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and a beautiful beach area. During our short period of education at Hong Kong University, we were also able to meet a few HKU students who turned out to be great ambassadors of their college.

I really enjoyed the trip and had very mixed feeling when returning to Shanghai. However, in two weeks I will have a chance to see this interesting metropolis again as I’ll be visiting Jack Yuan, a Chinese Wabash men from the class of 2014, in Shenzen. As can be seen on the video below, during my trip I had a chance to spend an afternoon hanging out with Jack who paid me a visit in HK (Shenzen is located relatively close to HK). We had a really good time and Jack invited me to visit his hometown during a three-day weekend in two weeks. I am really excited to get to know Shenzen (home of one of our most talented students, Stanley Xu’10) and return to Hong Kong for a day. I will make sure to share this experience with you:-)

Wabash friends, I also wanted to thank you. Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my undergraduate education. I feel honored and extremely excited to be the recipient of the F. Michael Cassel award. I can’t wait to start my senior seminar paper research here in China during the summer…