旅行: Hong Kong


I am confident to say that the past week gave me memories I will remember for the rest of my life. It started with my typical “Shanghai business”. I attended classes at Fudan on Monday and finished an important project at BD Medical on Tuesday. The rest of the week, however, was nothing but typical. On Wednesday I picked up my parents from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. They flew to China for two weeks to again experience this interesting country (they had a chance to spend some time in China in 2001) and check how their son is doing:-). I was very happy to see them and hang out with them on both Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, however, I had to leave Shanghai for a one-week academic trip to Hong Kong. It is quite unfortunate that I had to departure during my parents’ visit, but when they were planning their trip no detailed information about this trip was available.  However, I will still have a few days to spend with my mom and dad when I got back to “The Paris of the East” on Friday.

I got to Hong Kong University (my University for one week) shortly after 11pm on Friday. I made sure to rest well and spent my first full day in Hong Kong getting to know HK University campus and exploring the downtown area. The next day, however, was the most remarkable day of the past week. With a few other IES Abroad students I travelled to Macao-the other special administrative region of the PRC located just one hour from Hong Kong by ferry. I did not waste my time there and apart from sightseeing I had the opportunity to do the world’s highest commercial bungee jump from the Macao tower. It was an amazing experience that is hard to describe in words (I will do my best though when you ask me about it on the campus in August:-)).

In the first three of this week I enjoyed very interesting lectures at Hong Kong University, saw some more of the city, and had a chance to meet another international member of the Wabash class of 2014; more about all of this in the next note.