This weekend I had a remarkable opportunity to meet a Chinese member of the Wabash class of 2014. Yang Yu, who lives in Ningbo city (about two hours by train from Shanghai), visited me in Shanghai to learn more about the college he will soon attend. I am very happy that Yang chose Wabash; he is a very talented and hard-working student.He is very open-minded, has many interests, and loves to get involved. He intends to major in political science and minor in economics. I believe that the liberal arts education of our university is something he will truly enjoy.

Yang came on Friday afternoon and went back to Ningbo city on Saturday. During the time we spent together, we talked mostly about academics and student life at Wabash. I really enjoyed our conversations and am looking forward to hanging out with Yang in the fall. If you have a few minutes, make sure to shoot Yang an e-mail ( and welcome him to our college. I am sure he will really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, not everything this weekend was so positive. I was devastated to learn about the tragic news from Poland. I would like to thank all the members of the Wabash community for their condolences. Ahead of me is an exciting week as my parents visit Shanghai on Wednesday and I leave the city for a short trip to Hong Kong this weekend. However, in my mind and heart I will share the sadness of the Polish people.