Leaving Crawfordsville for Beijing in December was a big change. I was living in a truly urban environment again. Although big city life has its downsides, I really enjoy it.  As I wrote in my previous notes, I found the capital of China to be very dynamic and anything but boring. However, while in Beijing, I was very curious about life in Shanghai.  Beijingers gave me very mixed reviews of this city, which added even more to my curiosity.

I’ve been in Shanghai for one month now, and I have to admit that I love this city. It has a fascinating history, very interesting people (who like to strongly distinguish themselves from other Chinese), great nightlife, and a unique energy that is hard to describe in words. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai appears to be very modern, and a lot more “walkable” because it’s not as widespread. I’m excited to keep learning more about the “Paris of the East” both through my Fudan University course and exploring Shanghai on my own. Below are two videos from last weekend I would like to share with you. The first one shows a surprising music performance on the balcony of a Nanjing Lu building. Nanjing Lu is one of the main pedestrian streets in downtown Shanghai. As you can see, it’s always full of people, especially on the weekends. The second one shows the Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront area. On the day I took the video, this beautiful place was reopened after being closed due to the 2010 Expo construction work.