Civil Rights Road Trip: Arlen Taliaferro

Arlen Taliaferro ’20 — Being in Selma, at least for me was such a humbling experience. You know, you hear so much about about what happened in Selma and Montgomery. And to actually be on the very soil where so many prominent leaders of the Civil Rights Movement walked and fought for my Rights today is just really moving. Sitting in the historic Brown AME Chapel and listening to Dianne Harris give her account of Blood Sunday and marching to Montgomery was very surreal. Having that eye witness account made visualizing the events more personal and real; not the folklore story we usually receive. Going of that, getting the opportunity to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge where Bloody Sunday occurred was another insane experience. Having the opportunity to place where everything happened in person is unheralded. This has been the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m glad to be apart of #wallyonwheels2017