Covert ’18 – Global Health Immersion


Jacob Covert ’18

Jacob Covert ’18 – One of my greatest experiences in Peru was the amazing opportunity to shadow and be the right-hand man of a Peruvian doctor at a medical outpost in Huánuco.

The doctor gave me insight into many of the problems that his people face on a daily basis from gastritis, to lower lumbar issue, to malnutrition. All of these issues are prevalent problems not only within Peru, but also within the larger global health context.

Furthermore, the doctor had me working with a Peruvian medical student who helped me to understand that many of the medical problems of Peruvians stem from a lack of education about nutrition, wellness, and general health. The educational deficits are also a larger global problem that the global health approach tries to tackle by educating local leaders who, in turn, teach the larger community.

Being able to peer through the eyes of another individual, let alone a whole other culture, truly has changed the way I understand the world and the role of global health in it.