History, Culture Combine to Make Rome Special

Cameron Brown ’17 – During my first two days in Rome, I have had a wide range of experiences. For example, on the first day here I was able to finally able to see and go inside the Pantheon. Being able to see, in person, one of the most iconic buildings in Rome was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to experience first hand some of the architectural patterns, including the circles and squares that are repeated throughout the structure, that I learned about in a Roman architecture class last year. In addition to seeing this and many other structures, I was able to try out various cuisines. The first meal I tried, of course, was the pizza in Rome. This, as well as everything else I have ate so far, tasted amazing.

In addition to the food and sightseeing, just walking around the city is an experience. The culture in Rome is completely foreign when compared to the culture in America, as exemplified by the drivers. From the perspective of Americans, they are absolutely crazy. However, there is something in the confidence of the drivers that creates a feeling of safety in the midst of the chaos. I was surprised to find that while public transportation is prominent in Rome, it does not seem to be the prominent method of transportation. If you look out onto any busy street you will see a mass of mopeds weaving in and out of traffic as well as lanes.

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity, as I have wished to come to Rome for as long as I remember. The culture, food, and even the drivers here have opened my eyes and given me an experience that I will not soon forget.