Student Group Learning EU Finances

A key part of each immersion trip - the food.

A key part of each immersion trip – the food.

Josh Bleisch ’16 – Monday was the first full day of activities for class. We began by visiting the Frankfurt stock exchange. On the way there, we walked through the City Hall square. In the middle of the square, there was a memorial of a Nazi book burning that took place during the lead up to World War II. I found the site interesting and very powerful. The quote around the memorial roughly translated to: “when you burn books, you burn people.” This was just one of the many things in the city memorializing the events of World War Two.

At the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, we learned about the history of trading in the city, as well as how the exchange operates today. At the ECB, we enjoyed a great presentation about the strategies of the central bank, both in good times and in crisis. We have been reading about European Monetary policy for half of a semester, but this was our first chance to speak with people actually working within the European Central Bank.

We learned so much valuable information about what the ECB has done during the Eurocrisis to ensure price stability. I ended the day by going to an Ethiopian restaurant with a few other students in the group. It was a great end to a busy day in Frankfurt! We still have most of the week left to explore and learn. I’d like to give a special thanks to the Rogge Fund for making all of this possible!