Armbruster ’14 Appreciates Classroom Experience

Kenton Armbruster ’14 – This week I am observing and teaching under my host teacher Ms. Tsitsopoulos at Prosser Career Academy.Her classes consist of freshmen World Studies and senior AP Psychology.Ms. Tsitsopoulos gave me the opportunity to teach her AP Psychology class any subject that I felt would be interesting, so the first things that came to mind was the unit on stress that Dr. Bost did back when I had Introduction to Psychology as a freshman and the unit on attraction that Dr. Horton did in Social Psychology back when I was sophomore.
So, special thanks to Dr. Bost and Dr. Horton for providing me with the foundation to be able to teach these topics.  The students in the AP Psych classes had just taken their AP test on Monday so the unit on stress definitely worked at this time in the year, and attraction is always an interesting topic to go over. 
For my teaching during this week I was able to give a lesson Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to three different classes throughout the day.  These classes were all very different from one another, and this gave me a great opportunity to gain some teaching experience.  I had the opportunity to make lesson plans for the days that I taught, and Ms. Tsitsopoulos was very helpful in guiding me through these. 
The urban experience was probably the most nerve racking for me.  Although I am from Indianapolis I do not have any experience with public transportation, and during this week public transportation was the way in which we traveled everywhere.The trip every morning from the hostel that we were staying at to the school was approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.For this trip the other guys who were also at Prosser and I had to catch a subway and then catch a bus and stay on that for almost forty-five minutes.  The idea of riding public transportation was new and very exciting to me.

Overall this experience was amazing for me.  I was able to teach a total of eight classes.For each of these classes I had to create a full lesson plan in the format of the host school.  I was also able to observe how Ms. Tsitsopoulos conducted her class and her relationships that she had with them.  And most of all I was able to take public transportation to any destination that I needed to go.  The Chicago Urban Education Experience was a very enriching experience for me, and I feel that I am definitely able to take this experience and apply it to my future teaching.