Song ’15 Absorbs Belize Warm Climate

Jingwei Song ’15 – It’s our first day on South Water Caye. The morning sun shines through the window and wind from the sea blows across the room: waking up on an island was just wonderful. Our dorm, the classroom and the dining hall are all connected. You would too feel reluctant to wear shoes.

After breakfast, Dr. Wetzel gave us a quick lecture over Turtle grass and coral reef ecosystem. It helped us to have a search image of the organisms where we were snorkeling. In the morning, we snorkeled at the south end of the island. The water was about 6ft deep and you could see the bottom quite easily just floating on the surface. The most exciting animal I saw was a stingy ray, well camouflaged in the turtle grass. Unfortunately when I called out to the other guys to see it, we lost it.

In the afternoon we took a boat ride out to a fore reef. Water was about 15ft deep and the currents were much stronger. Underwater was a completely different ecosystem. We saw staghorn corals as large as adult humans. Huge sea fans, brain corals and so on. We wouldn’t have appreciated the size of these Cnidarians until we have seen them.

Happy birthday to Weston. Our hospitable cook prepared candles and cakes and we all sang a birthday song to him at supper.