Thanks to the Rogge Fund

Scott – What does the European Council do? How do the nations overcome their language and cultural barriers?

This is what we learned today at the European Council. The Council is not far from our hotel, but we still took the metro. It was a good time, and we were able to sit in the actual rooms where policy decisions are made daily in the European Union. I sat in Italy’s chair, as they are my “country of interest” so far through this course.

The most interesting part of the Council was hearing our presenter talk about the issues in a non-official way. We have had some great presenters so far, but all have been in official positions. This was just a reporter from the Netherlands, who’s favorite memory of working for the Council was when George W. Bush came to speak. His opinions and stances were genuine, and that was neat to experience from a true “European”.

Today we also visited Waterloo. The students had to plan the trip, so that made it fun. But I am writing this blog soaked because apparently we aren’t very good planners! It was raining the whole time, and then it started pouring. We had a five minute walk to the bus stop, and everyone got drenched. It was neat to see the Lion and the battlefield though so it was worth it.

This has been a great trip. I have learned a lot, but not just about the European Union. I have learned a new way of life, experienced another part of the world. For that I am and will be eternally grateful. In the words of Dr. Mikek: “thank you Rogge Fund”!

I am finishing up this blog at a Congo restaurant. It was great food and the people were a treat to meet.

Tune in tomorrow to find about our day at the European Commission!