Group Arrives in Frankfurt, Germany

Carter Adams ’15 –  This is a very curious place. Frankfurt is a very curious place indeed. But I’ll get to that later. For now, I will describe the long journey to arrive here in this curious place.

It began like many great Wabash adventures, at the Chapel. The Chapel to the Indianapolis airport, then Indianapolis to Atlanta, and finally the 9 hour jump over the Atlantic from Atlanta to the Frankfurt International Airport. Our flight landed at 8 a.m. local time, so 2 a.m. back home in the Midwest. Unable to fall asleep on the plane opting instead for an awesome, customized selection of four must-see movies (Argo, Perks of being a Wallflower, Pitch Perfect, and Up), the decision needed to made: to sleep or to power through and explore?

Explore, of course. This isn’t the first time I have run on no sleep on Wabash’s account. This first day is fairly free for us to go out in the city, “immerse” ourselves into the city. I use “immerse” very lightly because as I type this right now I sit outside the local Starbucks, the only place we have found so far to offer complementary wifi. But there is much to see and do here in this curious place.

I keep referring to it as curious because this is my first real experience in another country (sorry Mom and Dad, Canada does not really count). Thus, Frankfurt, for me, is a different kind of place and different from what I expected.  Frankfurt seems to be a very diverse place, a new Chinese place is opening up right next to the Starbucks. There seems to be a lot of cultural mixing: Asian, Middle Eastern, but still very German. And the architecture, it is a mix of old, new, and new trying to look old. Most of the city was destroyed in World War II, some parts survived but those parts destroyed were rebuilt. It is truly a remarkable place and I have so much more exploring to do.

Tomorrow we will start everything with the class here in Frankfurt. We will first head to the Germany Stock Exchange and then to the Money Museum. Tuesday, we will be able to go the European Central Bank and then we will head onto Brussels. But as for now, I have some more exploring to do and bratwurst to eat.

Also, I want to deeply thank Wabash College and the Rogge fund for this opportunity.

-Carter D. Adams