Second Semester

A week of classes has come and passed, the snow continues to remain on the ground, and the men of FIJI have all moved into their new rooms for 2014. My first taste of EQ was a great satisfaction with Professor Nelson, who by the way had a baby this past Wednesday! Congratulations! Roman Art and Archaeology is more fun than expected, but I expected it to be fun with Professor Hartnett teaching it. Professor Salisbury was, of course, a hoot to be back in one of her lectures! My favorite, Latin, will take some reviewing since I’ve dropped the ball with Winter Break, but I can’t wait to start getting back into my Latin studies!


Indoor Track

This week has been filled with a plethora of track. Last Saturday Wabash hosted a number of schools on campus as well as some unattached competitors. Last night Wabash Track and Field traveled to Rose Hulman in Terre Haute, Indiana to compete, and today Wabash hosted a small high school meet here on campus. At the moment I an unable to run due to a training injury, but it was still fun to get to see my teammates and high schoolers compete. Last week I was able to work on pole vault and see the sport for the first time up close. It was great! Being a distance runner and social running media addict I rarely look into other track events. Needless to say watching athletes bend a pole and jump over sixteen feet in the air was pretty cool. Also, when a pole snapped in front of your face it was pretty cool to watch. That was pretty cool to watch, I found a new sport outside of running and triathlon I want to follow now because of that. The high school meet today was pretty interesting as well, some decent times from high school athletes un the 1600 meters and 3200 meters. Wabash will be hosting the Indiana Runner Distance Showcase on Saturday, February 1st

First Day of Classes

Today was the first day back to classes here at Wabash. I mean where else would we be at? And I can honestly my EQ (Enduring Questions) class has me psyched for the rest of the semester! I can honestly say that I have many more, many more books than last semester but they are all books I’ve wanted to read and never gotten around to. Another semester of Beginning Latin looks to be fun, as well as my second class with Prof. Salisbury. Tomorrow I get my first taste of Roman Art and Archaeology, and I cannot wait for it to come!


Before Classes Start

So the past week I’ve been here at Wabash due to indoor track practices. I’ve gotten to be reunited with friends, see our beautiful campus in the fresh snow again, and move my furniture in my own room here at FIJI! It’s great to be back with my teammates and seeing guys in the house again! It is also weird being here at Wabash when a lot of people (and more importantly Sandy our cook) are not here.  It’s only been like three weeks after all. Now all that is left before school starts is to be begin buying textbooks and assorted other small fortunes worth of paper so that I may prosper in the classroom.


Like I mentioned in my last post I’ve been reading quite a bit. I tend to steer more towards books on either running, chivalry, and science fiction. The books I like would be considered more as a geeky nature. Getting lost in the far off future of Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet series, or the countries of Michael J. Sullivan’s The Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles pulls me into a place of comfort. Most people would wonder how anyone can read about running, or that there are even books about running out there. Well there are MANY books about running out there, books that follow teams like the University of Boulder, Colorado, Alberto Salazar who coached the gold and silver medalists in the 10,000 meter at the 2012 Olympics, and Roger Bannister’s breaking of the 4-minute mile barrier  on May, 6 1954.

The one thing I love most about reading, other than simply getting lost in the words, are the paper and pages themselves. Books are one of the only non-physical and non-electronic means people still have today to entertain themselves. But things like the iPad and Kindles kind of take that away in my eyes. Yes, reading is reading, the story is before you to get lost in, but books have been around for centuries in one form or another. And now it almost seems like books and paper in general is being done away with both recreationally and professionally. Personally I do better holding a textbook than doing classwork on websites like our school changed to my senior year of high school. It was something that I didn’t like, and that may be because I was raised on textbooks and not computers like the coming generations. But isn’t it possible that we as a society are putting too much effort into make everything digital? Shouldn’t there be a balance of paper and information accessible online? I think so.

All I’m trying to say is, we should all try and get our children-to-be as we go on in life to focus on reading, rather than buying our 6th and 7th graders iPhones. It’s one thing to say we are letting technology take us over as a society, and rather cliché, but it seems to be true. So many people want to appease us kids by letting us have a new Xbox, iPhones, Galaxies, etc. just because they make us happy. Well no duh they make us happy! A lot of things can make people happy, those same things can have varying degrees of bad side effects as well!

This little rant was spurred by watching Cake Boss at 2AM the other day where they gave their 10-year-old daughter an iPhone 5. In case anyone was wondering.

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