The B & B Show

If you want to know what it stands for, ask either Pat or I. 

Well Pat and I finished our first broadcast last night and it was AWESOME. I am still excited writing about it now. Sitting behind those studio mics that you have seen on TV and babbling into them was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had while trying something new. I know we both were a bit nervous going into it, but our excitement simply cast away any sense of its presence.Pat calling his parents about the show.


We were on air playing a shared interest of music consisting of everything from Neil Young to Ray Charles. This show was just a great way to relieve some homework stress that video games and music weren’t able to help with. Literally an output for stress where we input our creativity.

Speaking of creativity, we came up with the idea to invite President Hess to our show and have him kick off our WNDY guest star line up. It’s not official yet, but if he agrees we are looking to advertise and inform the campus about it. It is nothing more than the greatest idea. Students will  have a reason to tune into WNDY, creating an audience for many of the other shows. Students will also be able to learn about what President Hess has in store for Wabash. But as most college students are, we are looking to keep this informal all the while professional so students learn about his personal interest, hobbies, crazy stories from his college career, and much more. It obviously doesn’t stop there because we are looking to have professors and even students on air with us so we can get to know different parts of the campus. Athletes, Sphinx Club, Student Senate, IFC or IMA are all fair game along with the rest of the student body. A variety of professors and staff is on our checklist as well.


This radio show is just going to be a gold mine for other students to tune into when they want to sit back, relax and just get a great laugh. If you missed our show yesterday tune in next Wednesday for our next show or tune in anytime of the week past 7 in the evening and listen to one of the other shows. The topics and music vary from show to show, but they are all interesting and enjoyable. 

Hope you can tune into 91.3 FM next Wednesday from 7-8 to listen to some great music.

Thanks for reading yall.

Someone threw up Lucifer at the ‘Dale

“I got sleep last night.” You wont hear many college students say that very often, no matter what school you go to. You’re going to stay up because you have a test tomorrow, a paper due, or ‘lost’ track of time playing video games or playing pool. But what most people do not understand is the importance of sleep.

We all have stayed up very late and felt the effects of it. Drowsiness, lack of focus, and constant yawing will all be mirrored in your GPA. Just as important if not more important then your GPA is your health.

Staying up late is just a domino effect of bad.

You stay up late and don’t get your necessary sleep. Your body does not function at its prime when you are sleep deprived, meaning that you are more prone to becoming ill. It isn’t just an old wives’ tale, it just is. Seriously science said so. ( CLICK ME TO LEARN)

My buddy’s and me especially have taken a lot of precautions to stay clean and healthy. Starting first with sleep so our immune systems function at full capacity. We have also made the rule that “You must put sanitize your hands before you go in any room” and that “If you are sick, quarantine yourself.”

“It wont hurt us if we just keep it away and stay healthy” is our basic creed. Two nights ago from about midnight to five in the morning a guy on my floor was heaving Lucifer himself and defecating solely liquids. I could not sleep because they were so loud, not that they could do anything about it. Just imagine Ozzy Osbourne screaming at the top of his lungs “Sharon” with his raspy cigarette voice. Thats what I heard for a good three and a half hours just worse.

I would be very miserable in that situation and I am sure that person was. I suggest that you keep clean, stay away from those who look sick, and definitely stay away from the Spark’s salad bar.

Good Night Yall !


Fall Break is on Brakes

“Do a lot of nothing.”
The wise words of my advisor Dr.Himsel last tuesday. Though I listen to all of his great advice, I might have applied this piece of advice a bit more than others.
Wednesday afternoon I spent at my buddy’s cabin fishing, roasting hot dogs, grilling burgers, chopping wood, playing football (tackle? yes, and the only light was moonlight), and roasting marshmallows.

Thawing our burger meat the only way we knew.

And making meatloaf?? Meatloaf??? Actually, it wasn’t bad.

Austin, Kolby, Thanh and I playing BS (Bull Shit) around the kerosene lantern.

Just a good afternoon spent with Pat, Thanh, Austin and Kolby hanging out and relaxing. While we were feeding the fire, one guy compared it to the scene in the first Grown Ups. Just without the kids and extra weight on our guts.
Thursday, we woke up showered and headed to SKYZONE. If you have never been, you must sometime soon. It is basically a warehouse filled with trampolines and you can play dodgeball, dunk some basketballs, or fly into a foam pit. For $20 Kolby, Pat and I were there for 2 hours. Not a bad deal if you ask me. We even got the idea of starting a Wabash Skyzone club.
The rest of break I did what Professor Himsel asked of me. Absolutely nothing. I’d like to say how many hours I spent playing video games, but it would probably make this a very long post. I did wake up at about 2 in the afternoon Friday, Saturday, and today.
Best part of the break was buying that ticket to go back home for thanksgiving. If all keeps going well, the

Mom and Pop’s relaxing at home.Tuesday before thanksgiving I will be an uncle; Maya Marie Reyna will be the first girl in my family. Just a 4 or 5 week push and I will be home in Houston’s humid heat and my mom’s home made soup.
Thanks for reading heard that it is going to be a cold week so gear up.

Inauguration Weekend

Congrats to President Hess!

Just a jam packed weekend. It started thirty minutes after my Econ class on Friday with the President’s Inauguration. Glee club took the stage and sang “Come Travel With Me.” The song was an invitation as if we were President Hess and he was asking the audience to join him on this great expedition. I can’t stop thinking that, in a way, I was in President Hess’ shoes and was asking Wabash Trustees, students, alumns, faculty, staff and the Board of Directors to be part of the journey.

Following the melodic invitation was the benediction and then our Alma Mater. We finished and cleared the stage for the recessional.

Wabash heading for the lockers at the end of first half

The celebration continued into Saturday with the football teams win against Ohio Wesleyan University and then Party with the Prezz on the mall.

Latasha and her band

If you didn’t join the President at yesterday’s party, you really missed out. There was live music the entire time, a cupcake truck, a smoothie truck, and even a taco truck.

It’s exciting thinking about the ideas and changes President Hess has up his sleeve for Wabash. I already love the experience and freedom to choose from clubs and classes and I can’t even imagine how much better it is going to get while I am here and even when I graduate.

That same night some of my buddies and I watched five movies back to back: “30 for 30, The U,” the classic “Untouchables,” the stomach cringing “Jackass” part one and two, and every boys favorite, “Small Soldiers.” Well that last one probably doesn’t completely count because I can’t remember watching the last scene.

Did I get anything done yesterday? You may not think so, and I would have to forcefully oblige.

But would I do it again?


It’s the kickoff for the fall break. Just three more days this week and then a much needed and yearned for fall break is here. Going to Fish, head to SkyZone, watch more movies, hit the gym and definitely the books. Just relax and settle in for another big academic push.

I will leave y’all with that and probably post again Thursday morning about fishing and roasting marshmallows under the stars on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!


Keep Investing

Life could not get better.

The best feeling in the world for a college student, besides finding places with free food on campus, is turning in the final draft of a paper. When you invest hours of revising, editing, and just writing, the final product can be nothing less than a great piece of writing.

Today I turned in my second paper for my tutorial class and I am hyped. Now it’s time for my final 13 page paper. While I just devoured my quesadillas and spinach at lunch today, I asked myself that question many college students love, “Why do I need to go to school?”

As soon as I asked myself that I said “Nope, not today.” I couldn’t put myself in that mood. So I began thinking about everything I’ve learned in the little time of being here. I changed my mindset and reminded myself about the special experience of being at Wabash.

Being the business oriented guy I am, I understand the importance of investments. It’s not just the actual money spent for school, but time and effort in the little things besides that diploma. The collective hours spent working on essays and making them nearly perfect will have a greater payoff than just a grade. I started fantasizing about being a big CEO or CFO and having to write about the company and present to the board of directors on my findings.

That may be a large stretch, but I can’t lie that it’s a goal and I am determined to invest all the time necessary. I am willing to push it past my limits and give it my all to get there.

Thanks for stopping by!