Suppose to go up Monday

It’s 1:22 in the morning I’m walking the campus and my fingers are literally about to freeze off.

What the hell am I doing you may ask? Well I am guarding my campus from a possible attack from D******. Yeah, we don’t spell that word out here not because we don’t know how but because we arnt going to stoop that low.

It’s Bell Week and we are on Defcon 3. If anyone even tries to drive into any driveway on campus, they do not make it very far before they are stopped. No one is going to touch WABASH and no one is definitely taking that bell.

Monon Bell and the rivalry against that school down south is the oldest in the nation. Because of the age of this rivalry, there is a built hunger to hate one another. That’s why I have this bat with me just in case someone tries something. I am really proud about how many independents are out here. It’s a great time for us freshman to bond with each other as well as for the campus. The Rhyne burgers and hot chocolate is attracting a lot of of students.

I’ll get back to my campus guard duties. Haha duties.


Monon Bell Tomorrow


Monon Bell and guarding her most of the week was amazing. Hot chocolate and burgers at eleven, soccer at nine after my jazz concert made this week the week. I want to publicly thank my brothers on the second floor of Martindale for showing up for that. Inbum, Simon, Austin, Pat, Nick, Kyle, Connor, Andrew and Thanh. Second floor Martindale is where it’s at.

I have never been to rugby,  Monon keg game was my first and I doubt my last. We laid some people out on that field and we kept it the score board with only Wabash scores. We are keeping the Bell just like we kept the Monon Keg.

Don’t Pee in the Chapel

Don’t pee in the Chapel

This weeks Chapel Talk really reminded me of the greatness of the Gentlemen’s rule. The entire talk, which was given by Dr.Hollander, was about how many stated rules should be a given. A rule such as “Don’t drop the F Bomb in all campus emails” is not a stated rule because no person should be told not to do it. But when a person starts to break untold rules, society has to deal with it by making some dumb laws.

This brings up the “Email Wars” that have been going on all week long. It’s started with disagreements on President Hess’ public announcement to support HJR-6 with President of Depauw.

As students we did not elect President Hess, Trustees and Board of Directors did. The student body elected the S-T-U-D-E-N-T B-O-D-Y president. So as students, there is no basis or point to be upset about his decisions that do not directly effect us.

Easy as that.

He did not take our voice away. As students, we still have our voice and opinions. The evidence is these email wars. I think they are great because they actually allow Wabash students to argue with meaning. Until someone comes around and drops the f bomb. It kinda just kills the mood. Nice that the same guy that dropped the f bomb volunteered to take pies to the face for charity.


Wabash Always Fights

 Football won again, 66-0 against Hiram and soccer beat Wooster 4-2 in the seasons closing game.

It was pretty windy during the game and it felt colder than it actually was. Buddy and I went back to the ‘Dale for a sweater during half time and we met an alum. Mr.Tim Campbell, Class of ’86 and father of a sophomore at Fji. Mr.Cambell had lived in the ‘Dale his four years here and remembered Dean Raters as a student with him. He told us that one time a buddy of his had painted himself all green, like The Hulk, and started throwing pieces of furniture from the third floor window. Different times indeed. Then he went on to talk about the tv room in the basement. He went on to say that while he was a student MTV had just come out. “It was a revolution,” he went on to say that every time he walked past the tv room there was always the same guy watching MTV. Viddy was his nick name, or Vid for short.

This dude was just awesome. He had stories about putting guys in the dumbwaiter and riding in it (How I wish I could freakin do that, I’d be scaring people left and right) and filling up the basketball court behind Martindale with water during parties.

Just a huge contrast of what the definition of fun was, and what it is now. I do hope that my experience the rest of these four years will be as great and memorable as his were. So far I can actually say that they are.

Time for some late night McDonalds run with some of the 2nd Floor Dirt Dalers.


“Bach and Beyond” last night

End of a long week and like a fellow Glee Club member and blogger Christopher Dabbs put it, “Wabash is contained in a time space bubble.”

If this is true, I would not be surprised. Maybe it’s a way of lengthening the week due to Halloween parties starting on Thursday. Who knows, but it was weekend that has been yearned for very much.

On another note, I am again and again amazed by the Music Department’s Visiting Artist Series. These musicians are some of the most talented ones I have seen. Yesterday was a duo with piano and flute playing solely Baroque era pieces. So the songs were by Johann Sebastian Bach, the obvious trills and tremolos that distinguish his music. Reading through their short biographies in the programs and I was once again blown away. The pianist that was no more than 15 feet from me had been part of the Van Cliburn Competition. Saying he is a professional would just be an understatement. Haven’t been mesmerized by a performance in a long time and definitely not for free.

That was the best part, didn’t cost me a dime. As a college student, you learn to love dimes. Appreciating before you get to college might have been a smart idea. I’d have a lot of change for laundry or some junk food.

Gotta get to this football game against Hiram. WAF!!!