New Semester

Yesterday was my first day of class this semester. First class starts at 10 which is great because I can wake up at 8:30, go to the gym, shower and feel energized for my first class. Usually if your first class is at 10 you might sleep in, but at least for now I am taking advantage and on a nice sleeping pattern.

I thought last semester I had small classes but my Spanish class this semester has 4 other people. Now that is small. It is great though because no way am I going to miss or even try to miss that class. Not that I have ever even been late to a scheduled class. Also there is more one on one with that professor. My second class is Enduring Questions which has the average for a Wabash class size 15 or so. I was currently doing homework for that class and it is never dull to read about Wabash history. After lunch I have Music Theory which is basic reading and notation, stuff that as a music major I should already know but I have never had formal classes or lessons on. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Public Policy which is another course that is for a minor or major in econ. Very excited for that class even with all the NPR hour long podcast we have to listen to and load of reading.

I was say “Overall I am happy with this semester” but that would mean there is something I am not happy about, which is not true. All my classes are going to be tough and I am proud that they are.

Eat RIGHT!!!! (freshman 15)

We all hear the horror stories about gaining at least 15 pounds the first year of college or first semester, for those unlucky few. Though it might be true, it isn’t entiirely and may be misleading.

Thanks to the friends I have made staying active and hitting the gym isn’t that hard. Along with staying active it is also important to watch your diet. I’m sure thats what a docotor would say, isn’t it ? In any case, one of the first lessons you learn when you get to college is that you no longer have a pantry or refrigerator like you did at home. That is why I believe Freshman 15 is misleading. Even if you do have a fridge or some snacks, it will not compare to being home and having the leisure of waking up at 3 in the morning for a PB and J sandwhich. Also, you might not like the food your fraternity or cafeteria serves, so then you turn to cereal and ice cream more than once a day.

Not a great idea.

You should, not forcfully eat the food, but try something new if you have never had it or maybe a salad. Towards the end of my first semster I stopped serving myself dry salads with every meal and it was probably due to finals. That is important too, do not eat due to stress because college is high stress and that would turn into a high calorie count.

Back to not having the same freedom of being at home, you must be even more cautious when you are back home during break. Your parents and grandparents are going to be waiting at the front door with cakes, cookies, frosted fritters, pies, pudding and ice cream. Your job is to not be a gluttonous pig and clog your arteries. I might be a pot calling the kettle black but that should be all the reason to take the advice. I actually lost about 5 pounds while at school and have probably gained that, and then some, while at home.

Once again, stay active, eat some dry greens (meaning no dressing), be cautious and extra cautious at home. Thanks for reading y’all.

The 6 Day Countdown to Distelrath Farms

Being home has been great but know it is almost time to get back to Wabash. I fly back next friday into Indy where I am expecting to have dinner with some teachers from middle school. Mr.Distelrath, better known as Mr.D, and Ms.Oblon, now known as Mrs.Ditelrath. Pretty cool story, they were both in the Peace Corps and met teaching in my middle school. Now they live in her hometown of Indianapolis where they have a farm that also acts as a reality based learning envirnonment as well.

Their farm goes by ‘Distelrath Farms‘ and they treat all their produce and cattle without hormones and chemicals. I am really excited to see them again and catch up, I have not seen either of them since 8th grade. There is a lot to talk about and a lot to laugh about with both of them. Can’t wait.

Drivers Ed

Yeah, that is right. I don’t have a drivers license, not becuase I can’t drive but I just never needed one. I thought it was time to get one though so I took the classes.

Lone Star Driving School, two blocks from where I grew up and where two of my brothers went for their classes. I get in their Tuesday and meet Mr.D with his golfers cap and jump suit, all in thick black velvet. Then in walks Mr.Tucker who I had spoken to on the phone. After I wrote down all of my information he told me it would “Behoooooove” me to sit in front of the poster with street signs. He might have used more “ooo” than I did just there. I obliged and did so. He started teaching right away as I had arrived at 6:00PM. “This is the most important sign you yourself will use” he said as he flicked us off. “When you start driving with Mr.Tucker, yer gonna get that sign a lot becuase the car will say ‘Student Driver’. Just return the favor.” Of course I was laughing, as he was convinced that more than my horn or double tapping my highbeams, the classic bird would accomplish more.

Class goes on and he calls on this girl by the name of Selina. He asks her very straight forward question that she got right, barely too. Forgot to mention, I am the oldest student in the class and the others are high school sophmores and juniors. That should say enough. Then Mr.D starts rambling about Selina (Click it to hear one of her songs), not the loosely natured girl in the class but the famous Texan cumbia singer who was shot and killed in the 90’s. “I remember ths students coming into class crying becuase Selina had died. I was like ‘Who the hell is Selina,’ I know now who she is. Do y’all know who she was?” He went on like this for a good ten minutes.

I had two more classes then I got my certificate to take to the DMV. All three of the classes were the same except one that I wish I could write about but it’s a bit inappropriate. For those with great with wandering imaginations it has to do with driving and the red district. They were just joking about it, Thank God.

College Pennant Ceremony

This past wednesday my high school and middle school system KIPP held their annual College Pennant Ceremony for alumni. What happens is KIPP graduates that finnished their first semester of college and those who graduated college walk on stage in front of all of KIPP Houston students and deposits a plaque with their name in a huge graduation cap. Quite awesome because you know that you are helping push the high schoolers and even elementary students to stay in school.

I got to catch up with some friends that I had not seen since they went off to boarding school in 8th grade. Now we were back and had all finished our first semster of college. Something that seemed so far away since it was first fed to us in the summer of 2005. Never thought it would be this fast, and now I am a college freshman. Feels Great!

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