Last Night’s Snowball Fight

YESS!!! Eastside of the Campus won that snowball fight hands down. I got hit straight in the face, twice. Thank G-d the snow was not great packing snow because it would have hurt. Rhynies made burgers and hot dogs.Then, like we do before any and every event, Nathan Body sang the National Anthem before we began. Can’t wait for the next snowball fight this year.

Glee Club practice got pushed an hour later so I will be able to support the Wabash Wrestlers tonight. Never actually been to a Wrestling meet nor do I know how you win so it will be something new.

I was thinking back to where I was a year ago starting to really think about what school I was going to pick. After all the lists I made measuring out the positives and negatives of my choices, there is so much I never would in a millioon years have accounted for that made Wabash this great.

Today’s Chapel Talk brought me to tears and if you want to know why here it is. It is the story of an alumn, “Wabash… From the Heart.” Enjoy it.

Class is Cancelled???

No they were not, but one of my classes was. Woke up at 8 am got the update about my 10 am Spanish being cancelled and went back to bed. It is very unlikely that Wabash will close because of snow, supposedly I heard that one time a president of the college closed the school because of snow and soon after was no longer president.

Even with classes in, there is supposed to be a campus snowball fight on the mall. Being from Texas this sounds freaking awesome and of course I am going to be a part of it. I don’t have snow gloves but I think I know when the frostbite starts coming in. I will tell ya’ll how it went tomorrow afternoon.

Time to Budget the IMA Spring Semester by Friday

Yeah, just found out last Friday that I was appointed as the treasurer of the Independent Men’s Association and I just found out Monday that our semester budget is due by Friday afternoon. Not mad because it is what I signed up for. Time to plan out events such as an Alumni Golf Outing, a social for prospective students during Honor Scholar Weekend and the biannual IMA Faculty Dinner and budget it for the Audit and Finance Committee.

During my Econ class last semester we had weekly labs on excel and had to know our way around it very well. Now when I use it outside of class like for the IMA or I actually enjoy it and have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to finish a task quicker.

Today I also found out that I got an A- in my private piano class for last semester and that I will be performing in two different recitals this semester. One of them will be with my RA Nick Schenkel where I will be playing piano and he will be singing. It is a Robert Schumann piece, Im wunderschönen Monat Mai or “In The Wonderful Month of May.” Speaking about performances tomorrow the dean’s daughter will be performing tomorow in the fine arts. She works on broadway and is going to perform a bunch of songs from the shows she has been part of.

Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

Sat in on a great Econ Talk yesterday. The freakin Vice President, Finance and Treasurer of General Motors. Mr. James Davlin Class of 1985. It does not get better than that. A distinguished alumn serving testament to the greatness of Wabash Alumni.

He spoke about his time at Proctor and Gamble, Eli Lilly, John Deere, and now at GM. It was quite amazing seeing how successful he has been in all of his employments and how far he has come. All of the econ talks I have attended make me think more and more about what I want to do career wise. There are so many options and these talks help highlight the ones that have worked for others.

Doing Homework

Nothing feels better than when the homework you are doing for one class helps you on another. Even more so when they are two different subjects like Economic Public Policy and a class about enduring questions. It is almost feels like I was the person who put a knife to a loaf of bread.

Well this week is pretty much over and it could not have been better. All my classes are great and I have gotten into a great routine of gym at 8:30 and then shower and class at 10:00 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As for Tuesday and Thursday I get to wake up at 9:15 for 9:45 class and play racquetball or soccer at 8:00.

Want to wish a Good Luck to all those participating in the Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Student Research. Hoping to pope around a bunch of those tomorrow afternoon.