AudieAs kids we thought naps were worthless, we wanted to stay up late, and go do whatever we wanted. We thought that once we were adults (I mean how much of adults are we really at 19?) we would go travel the world, be in charge of everything about our lives, and watch PG13 movies past 10 o’clock at night. Well now we are dependent on naps, and liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiterally cannot function without them.

In high school, I thought my older friends in college were giant babies for complaining about 9AM and 10AM classes. After all, in high school we start at 7:50AM. Ha of course you don’t think about all the late nights doing work and studying that pile up and cause a 9AM class to feel like 5AM. A nap is nothing more than the sweetest taste of bliss on a Thursday afternoon.

Naps, naps, naps, naps, naps, naps… take them!


AudieThis weekend Phi Gamma Delta traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to have our Purple Garter Formal at the Galt Hotel. A three hour ride of my date dominating the radio (even though it was her car), cloudy skies, dull conversations, and the experience of a driver with a led foot and no respect for the speed limit. Just kidding though, the conversations weren’t dull.

Our first night in Louisville another brother in the house and our dates went to a nice brewery restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel. A very excellent restaurant where a poor college student can spend a fortune ($10) on a nice veggie burger and atmosphere. But just remember that if you tip your waitress in three dollar bills and two dollars in assorted coins, your fellow companions will think you’re a cheap butt.

One of the coolest things about being in FIJI is our vast budget for our two formals over both semesters, and the niceness of rooms and hotel each of us gets. It’s fun to be in college, and especially in a fraternity!

Sunny skies and Glee Club Concerts

RobertWe’ve been having a pretty good stretch of weather lately. The temperature is consistently above freezing, and I don’t have to put on a heavier coat in order to go outside. Also, sun. Since Oregon often goes with long stretches between sunny days, especially during winter and spring, this was a welcome sign.

I didn’t go outside much yesterday, but Sunday

This was Sunday afternoon. It is better than your Sunday Afternoon

This was Sunday afternoon. It is better than your Sunday Afternoon

Isn’t that pretty? That right there is a nice day. I decided to go for a walk yesterday, stretch my legs and get some fresh air (it gets monotonous being stuck inside the house for days on end). I did my usual loop, although I did take my time as I walked around the school. Again, it was a nice day, so I was in no rush to get back to the house. There were plenty of people outside, which is always nice to see since on my previous walks all the company I had were squirrels. Squirrels are cute and all, but it’s always refreshing to see people enjoying the nice weather.

Anyway, after my walk I made my way over to the Fine Arts center to see the Glee Club Concert. I normally have an aversion to choirs due in no small part to my high school choir director, who was a total prima donna and a jerk to our theatre teacher, but since that was in the past and several of my Brothers were performing, I thought I’d stop by. We have some pretty amazing singers here at Wabash, and I’d like to say that I have a somewhat decent ear for music so it sounded pretty in tune. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling the greatest at the time, so I left at intermission to go take a nap.

Glee Club preparing to sing. We've got a great group of guys here

Glee Club preparing to sing. We’ve got a great group of guys here

Anyway, we’ve got a few more weeks of school left, so I need to stay focused and make sure that I finish off the year on a good note. I did register for next semester earlier today (and didn’t get half the classes I wanted, but what can you do?), so I have significantly less to worry about for next year. Now I have a bit of time to relax, and with my parents stopping by for a visit in a few weeks that’s more than enough to keep me focused for the end of the year.

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