Adventures and Mass

AudieOn Holy Thursday myself and several other Catholics decided to go to Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Indianapolis to partake in the Latin Mass. Afterwards, I proceed to go spend the night at Butler University with some friends (a Wabash student going out on a school night?!), and then get back to classes the next morning (FREAKING 4AM). Now as I write this blog I am stranded at Butler… That’s right, stranded. It’s Easter Weekend, I have to be down the road in Westfield with my family later, and I decided to just surprise some friends by dropping by Butler. However, being the man I am, filled with such vast knowledge, masculinity, maturity, and planning skills…I forgot that everyone went home for Easter. So after some strangers let me crash at their dorm last night, I am now approaching four hours of sitting outside with all my Easter clothes, doing homework, and occasionally getting a short hello from an acquaintance. I’m hungry, cold, warm, broke, and I don’t want to call my mom for help. Okay, all of that is false except for the broke, hungry, and I don’t want to call my mom part.

I’m now going to try and use that legendary Wabash Man charm and get someone to buy me some Starbucks. Wish me luck, readers.

WAGOATAPTO (Wabash Always Goes on Adventures That Are Poorly Thought Out)