Greetings to Wabash and associates

Greetings, fellow Wabash men (and associates).

My name is Robert Black, and I am one of your freshman bloggers for this year (yay me). Hopefully this blog will provide an insight into the life of a Wabash student for those that are not actually Wabash students (Which, hopefully, there are a few of you here that don’t go to Wabash so this actually has some meaning). Also, I hope that this gives you a better insight into me, a non-Indiana native, and my own interpretations of Wabash and Indiana.

Black ’17

I am from Oregon (somewhat; I was born in upstate New York, but moved to Oregon when I was five), and Indiana is certainly a big change. The differences are mostly aesthetic, like pine trees and copious amounts of rain, and in some ways I am going to miss that… although, the rain does get tiresome after awhile. Seriously, it’ll rain for weeks on end without stopping (it will slacken at times, but not stop), and when it does decide to let up it only does so for 2-10 minutes, tops. This might seem like nitpicking, but then you would nitpick too if you walked to school in the rain every day… not that I would give up on walking to school; it’s a nice way to collect your thoughts and get exercise, rain or no. Hopefully it won’t rain as much here in Indiana (although it does snow… I can deal with snow).

First impressions of Wabash are good; I’ve gotten a chance to get to know the guys around campus, and have had enough time left over to get my studies done with time to spare. Also, the year is still young; who knows what’s in store for me and my fellow Wabash men (like Chapel Sing; how many people have been working on the fight song?)

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