Matt Griffith '89 – Force Behind Moot Court

Wabash just finished another very successful round of Moot Court.  It’s a tremendous experience for our students – especially those considering the legal profession.  Regardless of their chosen careers, all of our previous Moot Court participants list it as one of their best Wabash experiences. 

Matt Griffith ’89, a partner in the firm of Thrasher Buschmann Griffith Voelkel in Indianapolis, is responsible in large part for bringing Moot Court to Wabash.  

Thanks Matt for making a difference at Wabash!

Photo: Matt Griffith ’89(l) talks to another judge in the 2005 Moot Court competition, Judge Dave Ault ’70. 

Fall Is Here

The campus maple trees work the hardest to keep their summer greens intact.  However, even the maples must eventually give way to the march of summer into fall and fall into the football playoffs…ah…I mean…winter.  (Playoffs on my mind!)

The Class of 1971 tree, which sits between the Lilly Library and Caleb Mills House, is slowly giving in…

That can only mean one thing – time to begin hearing a familiar "ring" around campus once again!

Wabash Pep Band Features Brake Drum

Someone once described a particular sound as "music to my ears".  For a vast majority of our Wabash football fans, that music on football days is brought to you by our small but talented Pep Band.

The band was particularly good at the Witt game, playing a very high energy "Old Wabash."

I have  to confess, my favorite instrument of all in the Pep Band is the brake drum.  How many bands do you know that feature the distinctive sound that can only come from a drum stick colliding at high speed with a brake drum?  Not many, I assure you.

I certainly hope, as the years go by, that the brake drum isn’t replaced in the band by it’s better performing but nowhere near as musical little brother, the disc brake caliper.  That just wouldn’t be right…

Another Wabash Tradition

It’s yet another Wabash tradition – a "special" pledge class meeting at the flagpole.  I didn’t get close enough to hear the conversation – didn’t want to know.

How is it that such seemingly small things like this stick in your minds after all these years?




Football This Weekend -Wabash vs. Wittenberg

In many ways, it’s become THE rivalry of the NCAC – Wabash and Witt.  No love lost on the football field, to be sure.  Wabash sports a perfect record thus far this season and Witt struggled through their first three games.  But…that all goes out the window this Saturday…and that’s "why they play the game!"

Wabash has the best fans in all of football – come on out this Saturday and cheer your Little Giants on to victory over the Tigers!

John Olivieri '91 On Television

John, a lawyer with Dewey Ballantine in New York City,  appeared on a CNBC program entitled "High Net Worth" this past Sunday, October 16, 2005.

John spoke about Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (or "GRATs"). Put simply, a GRAT is a vehicle for transferring, free of estate and gift taxes, all of the appreciation above a predetermined rate (let’s call it the "hurdle rate"). The hurdle rate is set by the IRS, and it is based on prevailing market rates. As interest rates rise, so does the hurdle rate.

Since the GRAT beneficiaries only receive appreciation above the hurdle rate, anyone interested in creating a GRAT should do so now before interest rates get any higher. Another reason for creating GRATs now is that there have been rumors that Congress will act to increase the minimum gift tax imposed when a GRAT is created.

Congrats John!


Young Scot

Earlier in this Blog, we featured the young son of Wabash alumnus Chip Timmons ’96 decked out in Sphinx Club apparel.  I found the Wooster Scots doing a little early recruiting themselves – check out this young Scott whose proud dad said he was going to be the class of 2025.  We have plenty of time to introduce him to Wabash!

David Horvath '90 Is New Class Agent

David has joined the ranks of our Class Agents – he’ll be working with Keith Bickley and Mike Fulton.  

David hails from the South Bend area (St. Joe High School) and now lives in Westfield, a suburb of Indianapolis.  David and his wife Sheila are the proud parents of a future Little Giant, Charles A., who is 18 months old.  (Never too early to start recruiting says David, a veteran of several years working in Admissions at Wabash).

Welcome aboard, David.    

Wabash-Oberlin Football

While Wes Jozwiak, son of Coach Mark Jozwiak, found the excitement level a little lower than average, their was many strong performances at the game.  One performance that you probably won’t read about anywhere else was the Peep Band.  With fall break rapidly approaching and the "national act" in town that evening, several band members didn’t make it to the game.  However, the Wabash crowd was supported by a Peep Band Duet – two horn players.  After everyone of the 6 touchdowns, without missing a beat, those two dedicated souls belted out "Old Wabash".  It was a day to remember!

Photo:  Jonelle Jozwiak and a worn out Wes.